"If it ain't broke, it probably soon will be"

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"There are two things I've learnt about the C64 scene after twelve years I've been involved. One is that you should never try to predict the future of demos. The other is that every C64 coder I've ever met has no idea about what the word 'impossible' means."

Jason Kelk 

Ah, it's skeleton in closet time here at the Workstation. Like any coder, I've got a few pieces of software in my portfolio that are, shall we say, not quite up to standard. Okay, no messing around; most of the old stuff is total crap! The "excuse" is that they're my earliest titles, written about sixteen years ago and that's the story I'm sticking to, officer!

Since the Olde stuff is mounting up a little, it's been split into three distinct categories:

A collection of products that were produced before I joined Cosine or after, but for different crews. The early stuff is utter bilge, but it's still "history" so here it is!

Mainly a collection of games that were never completed, or if they were they were very simple!

As organiser of the C64 Crap Game Compo I've always entered under a pseudonym (not because I wanted to cheat and win, because I never gave myself a score in order to prevent that and they were written purely for fun) - here are the C64CGC titles from my nom de crappe.

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