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Welcome to the official web home of Cosine, a demo and game coding group that specialises in classic hardware. To view our releases on this website please select a computer or console from the menu to see everything on that machine or choose Demos, Games, Tools, Music or Graphics to narrow the results down. Selecting the chronological list from the bottom of the side menu will show everything from 1988 to the present day in order.

 Should old aquaintance... something or other?[posted by TMR on 01 Jan 2016] 

It's that time of year again... the beginning! And to celebrate something or other, here's the first Monthly Demo release of 2016 called, unsurprisingly, MD201601 with some pretend fireworks and a great piece of music by Miker (thanks very much again for letting T.M.R use it!)

 The weather outside is frightful[posted by TMR on 25 Dec 2015] 

Because you've all been bad little girls and boys, MD201512 - Humbug is a blatant and quite frankly depressing attempt to cash in on the rampant Christmas consumerism going on around us; don't forget to stock up on mince pies and tinsel before watching!

 An Apple a day[posted by TMR on 15 Dec 2015] 

We've been meaning to get something released on the Apple II for ages now, so Septic was quite a long time coming! It isn't a spectacular release, but plays a reasonable rendition of Martin Galway's one channel "idle" music from C64 game Microprose Soccer on the beeper. The source is available from T.M.R's Github account for anybody who fancies trying to compose with it.

 Aren't we forgetting something...?[posted by TMR on 30 Nov 2015] 

T.M.R almost forgot to release the now "traditional" Montly Demo for November 2015 to the point where he was literally hammering code together until 11pm this evening! It's a small one file release and almost certainly could be pared down into a crack intro, but MD201511 is now available to download and features some good music that was composed years ago by T.L.F..

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