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The C64 Banner Exchange
The C64 Banner Exchange

Welcome to the official web home of Cosine. This site is "maintained" and hosted by The Magic Roundabout and is balanced on an overworked Pentium 3 that is running Apache web server and PHP 5, located somewhere in Leeds, U.K. To view the Cosine products on this site, either select a format from the menu (selecting D for Demos, G for Games or T for Tools next to the format will list those categories) or the chronological list page for a chronological list.

 FIFTEEN OF ONE [ posted on 16th March 2014 ] 
We've just added two new Atari 8-bit demos during the 2014 iteration of Forever. The first won the Atari 8-bit demo competition and is the slightly earnest 15 Shades Of Grey which is a dentro that uses a couple of the machine's 80x192 pixel modes with, unsurprisingly, the colours all set to grey. The second is the more frivolous 15 Hues which tries to be amusing by claiming to be all of the register writes that weren't used for 15 Shades. In both cases the code and graphics were by T.M.R, with Bex/Slipstream and Sack providing music for 15 Shades and 15 Hues respectively.

 BOMBS AWAY, CHAPS! [ posted on 1st January 2014 ] 
There has been an Atari 8-bit version of Lunar Blitz based on the same C64 disassembly as the C16 and VIC 20 versions which has been sitting around for nearly nine years, but, apart from an occasional showing "live" at events, it hasn't seen the light of day. That's now sorted after a couple of days fixing up and improving the code for release on the 2014 New Years Disk - happy new year and all that gubbins!

 WHERE'D THE SCROLLING GO? [ posted on 1st December 2013 ] 
2013 has been a fairly busy year by Cosine's standards and Vallation is the third game to be released. The game is a Cybernoid-inspired flip screen shoot 'em up with over seventy screens crammed into 16K for the 2013 iteration of RGCD's 16K Cartridge Competition and, despite the small initial memory footprint, will still take a seasoned player nearly ten minutes to play through!

 FURTHER VOYAGES TO THE BIG BLACK YONDER [ posted on 27th October 2013 ] 
Another year, another shoot 'em up for the ABBUC competition! Blast off to save the galaxy by destroying the evil, planet-destroying mining dreadnoughts in our latest Atari 8-bit game, a vertically scrolling blaster called Battle Eagle. Features include backgrounds drawn in 4:1 ratio pixels using sixteen shades, multiplexed hardware sprites using expansion to match the pixel ratio of the backgrounds and music composed by Sascha "Der Luchs" Lubenow.

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