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Welcome to the official web home of Cosine, a demo and game coding group that specialises in classic hardware. To view our releases on this website please select a computer or console from the menu to see everything on that machine or choose Demos, Games, Tools, Music or Graphics to narrow the results down. Selecting the chronological list from the bottom of the side menu will show everything from 1988 to the present day in order.

 Bumping the year by one[posted by TMR on 01 Jan 2015] 

Inc Year is, as the name might suggest, a little intro to mark the passing of 2014 and the start of 2015 which features yet more vertical splits from T.M.R and a soundtrack from Bex/Slipstream. It was released as part of the annual New Years Disk 2015 which was organised over at Atari Age.

 The final intro[posted by TMR on 26 Dec 2014] 

There is now a third entry called Spotified from T.M.R with music by Bex/Slipstream available to download, featuring a tune thought lost until it turned up on an old hard disk and some cycle timed ghostbyte hammering.

This was T.M.R's third entry for Laxity's Intro Creation Competition over at the C64 Scene Database.

 Further introductions...[posted by TMR on 22 Dec 2014] 

We've just released another entry into Laxity's Intro Creation Competition over at the C64 Scene Database. Put together by T.M.R with music from Odie, this one is called Oldstyle because it has FLD effects, raster bars and a high resolutuion logo created from a font.

 If music be the food of love[posted by TMR on 09 Dec 2014] 

Brilliant Maze Music Demo does exactly what it says on the tin, being a music demo featuring the tunes created by our very own Odie for the 2014 RGCD 16K cartridge competition entry Brilliant Maze by Geir Straume.

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