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Welcome to the official web home of Cosine, a demo and game coding group that specialises in classic hardware. To view our releases on this website please select a computer or console from the menu to see everything on that machine or choose Demos, Games, Tools, Music or Graphics to narrow the results down. Selecting the chronological list from the bottom of the side menu will show everything from 1988 to the present day in order.

 New year, more intros[posted by TMR on 01 Jan 2017] 

We're having a busy day here at Cosine towers, releasing a second entry into the CSDb Intro Creation Competition called Refix 2017 (code and graphics by T.M.R and music from aNdy and New Years Disc 2017 contribution MD201701 (music by Sack, code and graphics again from T.M.R. Happy new year and all that gubbins!

 It's intro time[posted by TMR on 21 Dec 2016] 

Koalatro is the misleadingly titled first Cosine entry into the 2016 CSDb Intro Creation Competition. The programming, graphics and conversions were handled by T.M.R with some double speed music courtesy of aNdy.

 Two for one sale[posted by TMR on 31 Jul 2016] 

There's two releases for the price of one today at the Cosine website; for a start we have MD201607 another slightly "quick and dirty" monthly demo release which is a reworking of code from T.M.R's workfiles and an old tune of Sack's.

But the second and more important release is Crackers' Demo 5 for the Plus/4, which has a part contributed by Cosine with code and graphics again by T.M.R and TED music from aNdy... along with three disk sides of other parts from members of the Plus/4 scene!

 Scatalogical logic[posted by TMR on 15 Jun 2016] 

There's nothing like a little "scene drama" with MD201606 - JSL Poop which takes a JSL picture called CSDb Shit and converts it to a scrolling bitmap. Code and graphical conversions by T.M.R with music provided by aNdy.

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