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Welcome to the official web home of Cosine, a demo, game and utility programming group which specialises in developing for classic hardware. To view our releases on this website please select a computer or console from the menu to see everything on that machine or choose Demos, Games, Tools, Music or Graphics to narrow the results down. Selecting the chronological list from the bottom of the side menu will show everything from 1988 to the present day in order.

 Forever blowing bubbles[posted by TMR on 30 June 201] 
Inspired by Taito games Double Dragon and Bubble Bobble, Bubble Dragon is a piece of PETSCII art from Chancer which was entered into the Plain PETSCII Graphics Competition 2017. Feel free to hum the music from either game whilst viewing!
 Oh, what's the point...?[posted by TMR on 30 June 201] 
MD201706 is out and features code from T.M.R, accompanied by Odie's cover of the completion tune from Brian The Lion. This release is a bit unusual, since it requires either a Turbo Chameleon (set to 6MHz or faster) or SuperCPU epansion to run. When pressed for comment as to why the extra hardware was needed, T.M.R responded with "just because".

 It tastes all wiggly[posted by TMR on 31 May 2017] 

It's the end of May 2017 so just about time for the release of MD201705 - a reworking of a classic effect with a bit more colour than the last time we tried it! Once more, the bits were crammed together by T.M.R, with the music being a cover of the Protracker module "Atominus" by Maza.

 Lots of extra RAM that we didn't use[posted by TMR on 30 Apr 2017] 

The Monthly Demo instalment for April 2017 is, unsurprisingly, called MD201704 but at least the platform it runs is unusual; this is a 40 column C128 demo full of colourful raster splits in the upper and lower borders. Everything this time was handled by T.M.R including the music, an old cover of the Protracker module "Dozey" by Jozz.

 We've got a live one here![posted by TMR on 14 Mar 2017] 

How about a new graphical outing for the Caped Crusader on the C64? The latest instalment of our Monthly Demo series MD201703 - The Bat-Tro from T.M.R (bat code and bat graphics) and aNdy (bat music) can arrange that for you!

 Back to the beginning[posted by TMR on 28 Feb 2017] 

There's a new demo in town, it's name is MD201702 and there's music from Odie accompanying the FLI-based colour effects (not too far removed from those of MD201509 but with a few extra tricks up their sleeves) from T.M.R.

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