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"Love is a device invented by bank managers to make us overdrawn."

Arnold J. Rimmer 


Oh gawd, it's the olde demos section! Well the first two are bilge (they have an excuse, i'd barely figured out machine code at the time they were written!) and the rest are pretty good but coded for other crews rather than Cosine. Click a name to have a look at a bit more info about each production.

Oh dear... i did say that i wasn't going to upload this because it's so poor, but it's sort of escpaed - view at your own risk, folks!

Probably the only demo from my "early period" that i feel even vaguely happy with.

A LIL BIT OF CCS (released by Carcass)
Coded in conjunction with Fungus when we were both members of Carcass.

JINGLE HELLS (released by Carcass)
The follow up to Carcass's Satan Claws - with a title picture by me.

SHAPE! (released by Tesko)
Newer than most of the other stuff but probably just as bad as the demos i haven't uploaded; a conversion of the infamous PC demo of the same name.

SIDBURNERS 5 (released by Nostalgia)
Another new title, this time a collection of classic game music.

5 BYTE FX[TMR] (released through Pouet)
This was a less than serious attempt to finally put an end to the "lets make it smaller!" trend that started on Pouet...

SIDBURNERS 6 (released by Nostalgia)
Even more new-ness, a continuation of the classic game music collection series.

SIDBURNERS 7 (released by Nostalgia)
Yup, another edition of the SIDBurners series - this time featuring demo music.

SIDBURNERS 8 (released by Nostalgia)
Even more SIDBurners action in the eighth installment, again featuring demo music.

CREEPSHOW 2 (released by Onslaught)
After quite a few music packs for Nostalgia, here's a graphics pack done for Onslaught - variety is the spice and all that!

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