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"I don't know about you, but I sent off $5 on two months ago and now I have $256,000!! And owing to a typing error I also have a huge pianist!!!"

Terry Pratchett 
Download: HyperZap (5K zipped PRG)


Code: T.M.R
Graphics: Simes and T.M.R
Music: Martin Galway
Released 1987

Ah, a real likkle piece of my coding history, HyperZap (it was one word like that because i thought it looked cool at the time) was the first real piece of real machine code i ever wrote! Before then, i'd been learning the basics on the VIC20 and the best i could manage was to put colour stripes in the border but, with the appearance of a breadbin in my life and the fabby Zeus 64 assembler on tape, i could sit down and actually write something more meaningful.

Okay, so the result was absolute garbage, the graphics were weak (the aliens with bow ties, the only decent sprites, were by Simes) and parts were "salvaged" from other sources (the entire titles page is the Yak Society rip of the loading music from Hypersports; all i did was change the text and call it as a subroutine because i couldn't figure out how to actually extract the music) but it was a game and could, at some extreme stretch of the imagination, be played.

My friend Philip was kind enough to upload it to Compunet and, for reasons i doubt will ever be explained, it actually garnered some reasonable scores, nothing really scarily high but above what i felt it deserved (an average of 5, if memory serves). 1 out of 10 for design, style or structure but it's good for a laugh. The sequel, called HyperZap 2 of all things, was mostly completed at another friends' house, but sadly lost due to the failure of a floppy disk - this is before i understood the importance of backing up source code.

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