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"I'm referred to, I see, as 'the biggest banker in modern publishing'. Now there's a line that needed the celebrated Guardian proof-reading."

Terry Pratchett 

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Welcome to T.M.R's Workstation, the "online residence" of me, fairly commonly known as T.M.R, sometimes as The Magic Roundabout, Jason, " oy, git face!" and assorted other titles which are probably far too rude to be repeated in polite company. Or any other kind of company for that matter. This page is the latest three installments from my blog and, for the more masochistic amongst you who feel the need, click here to read the remaining drivel.

 [ F15 D’Gamma Clone (C64) released ] posted 2020-01-03T16:04:54Z 

Woohoo, I survived another year! F15 D’Gamma Clone is a C64 conversion of the 2016 C64CD release of the same name on the Apple II, with some fairly serious modifications to keep the memory footprint down and add a brutal … Continue reading →[more]

 [ Femtotro 2 (C64) and Yoctotro (C64) released ] posted 2019-12-27T17:56:21Z 

You wait for an ICC entry to come and two arrive at once… Femtotro 2 continues where the original Femtotro and its smaller brother Zeptotro left off by running the entire intro apart from the music in the screen RAM. … Continue reading →[more]

 [ ICC Anon (C64) released ] posted 2019-12-17T23:15:29Z 

Things are certainly getting busy in the CSDb Intro Creation Competition… and there’s another C64CD entry from aNdy to enjoy as well now! It’s called ICC Anon and, if the screenshot in the thumbnail doesn’t give the game away, is … Continue reading →[more]

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