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Block Frenzy
Download: Block Frenzy (10K zipped PRG)


Code: T.M.R
Graphics: T.M.R
Music: Odie
Released for: C64CGC 2006

You're a red block and, in order to survive, your objective is to hare around the play area whilst avoiding all of the nasty blue blocks! Yes, it's almost impressively weak as game storylines go, but don't look at me! If there's any blame to be laid down, the people who set up www.BlockFrenzy.com are the prime candidates for this one!

This was a (relatively) simple little game to write but the general consensus seems to be that it's quite playable in the same way that most web-based games are. Looking at it now, using the hardware collisions are a bit... well, cheaty, but i reckon it works better than if they were looser; graphically, the idea was to do over-the-top bitmapped status graphics a bit like some of the Magic Disk or similar titles, loads of attention to detail for the graphics and a bit less to the complexity of the game.

Review "The blocks do get faster over time, but for a game which basically amounts to pattern memorisation one pattern simply isn't enough. That said, the game is completely worth playing for about an hour, and being freeware, hey, why not?"
ALiH, Game Over(View)

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