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Jo Brand 
 .:[ Where'd i go?! ]:.Posted: 17:04 on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 
State: tired  Music: Parallax 

Okay, so most of November went by and i didn't say anything... but i've had my reasons i s'pose.

Anyway, "Time Crash" was short but very sweet indeed, i'm sure it must be hard to think of something that will work on a single standing set with just a couple of cast members (like the cut-away produced for Children In Need a couple of years ago) but Tennant and Davison were very good together, not least for the tenth Doctor's line about how the fifth was "my Doctor" that came across as from the heart on Tennant's part as well as Moffat's.

Sarah Jane Adventures finished on Monday, although i'd already seen the final episode on CBBC the week before; i've said all along how impressed i was with the show and the last couple of episodes reinforced that, Mr. Smith (voiced by Alexander Armstrong if i haven't mentioned elsewhere) revealing that he wasn't the benign power we were lead to believe and i'll be honest... i bloody cheered when K9 came up to bat! And to top it all off, we get what is basically a happy ending after what could potentially have been a very downbeat climax.

Finally, since it was in the slot previously occupied by SJA on CBBC just after the final episode aired, i also sat down and watched Chute - partly because Tommy Knight and Daniel Anthony who play Luke and Clyde respectively (i've just been reading up on the IMDb, Daniel Anthony is twenty - talk about not looking your age and that explains a lot!) were guesting. And it's probably the most surreal bit of children's telly i've seen in a while, taking the footage shot with Luke, Clyde and Ross Lee, the presenter, whose "character" is trapped at the bottom of a chute where the BBC dump old tapes, and mixing in clips from the tapes themselves that Lee and the others feed to a handy video player. The clips are from all over the place, bits of The Flashing Blade, Graham and Bill getting their scouting badges from an episode of The Goodies or a herd of jockeys being stalked by the Artist formerly known as Prince from Big Train. Lee is a bit... grating as time goes on simply because he's trying too hard to be "wacky and zany", but as a format it works pretty well and it's brilliant to see those clips in use, in particular the Goodies stuff since the Beeb has always been a bit leary about repeating them in full. Shame it's not some of the more obscure clips, really...

 .:[ RIP Verity Lambert ]:.Posted: 17:34 on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 
State: saddened   Music: none 

i've just read on the BBC Doctor Who site that Verity Lambert, the first producer of the show in 1963 along with the driving force behind programmes like Jonathan Creek, Quatermass and Adam Adamant Lives amongst many others, has died aged 71. Ironically, her death was on the 22nd of November, one day before the show she started celebrated it's 44th anniversary.

i'm a little lost for words right now, but wanted to mark her passing for various reasons, some of which are more obvious than others...

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