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"Well, if crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight? They never mention that part to us, do they?"

George Carlin 
 .:[ Little coincidences ]:.Posted: 17:32 on Sunday, 09 September 2007 
State: silly  Music: Hybrid Song 

Not a serious update as such, just one of those little coincidences that pop up from time to time and i felt a strange need to report it; i've spent some time over the last couple of days downloading loads of freeware shoot 'em ups for the PC. One of these was a nice little abstract blaster called Soul Fighter and, as i was playing it, i found myself humming along with the music... but knowing each note before it was played!

This morning i realised why, it's because i'd heard it before - except it wasn't an XM file, it was the background soundtrack for one of my favourite Gameboy Color PD scrolling shooters, Fire Gear... okay, not even vaguely interesting but i'm quite impressed when my memory does stuff like that!

 .:[ Shooty bang bang ]:.Posted: 14:10 on Monday, 24 September 2007 
State: awake(!)  Music: Roses Are Red 

i was reading a "making of" about the excellent Guxt (a fabby little "homebrew" shooter by Pixel that looks a bit like a Gameboy game) and he said something i found very interesting; he finds the initial stages of building a game where the player ship is added, then the controls, the background handling and all the other basics, to be the most enjoyable stage of game development. That absolutely matches how i feel, the number of projects i've started and indeed the number where there's an overlap between the design, is vast compared to the actual number of completed games and i'm finding that even more prevalent at the moment since i'm re-learning Blitz BASIC in order to do some PC "shooty gaming goodness" (and indeed other genres) for myself with one eye vaguely on selling the results for a reasonable fee.

i'd just like to say that, as a registered Blitz 2D user who has always been impressed by Blitz as a language, just how amazing Blitz Max appears to be. It's almost as though Blitz Research decided to take almost all the best bits of 2D (i'm somewhat missing the old DrawImageRect command...) and throw them together around a new graphics engine that can do all those luminance, alpha blending, scaling and rotation effects i was vaguely trying to achieve on my own! All of those recent Geometry Wars clones have, it would seem, come about for a reason, that being that Blitz Max can do a lot of that stuff (moving light or alpha blended primitives around at speed, zooming and rotating them and so forth) pretty much standing on it's proverbial head!

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