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Mario Andretti 
 .:[ One of these days... ]:.Posted: 12:07 on Sunday, 19 August 2007 
State: awake(?)  Music: Shadow Skimmer 

...i'll get around to putting the time into automating this web log so that i don't have to manually change months. No, really i will. It's been on the "to do" list for years, i just never seem to find any time to get the bloody work done.

Anyway, catch up time again; the Boss and i went to see Bourne Ultimatum (i'll resist the urge to call it Bourne 3 because i'll automatically follow that with "as free as the wind blows" and that would simply be embarrassing... and if anyone thinks that's sad, the Boss and i can't hear Gordon Brown's name mentioned on television without "singing" the words "texture like sun" afterwards - i blame Rory Bremner for that...) and t'was good. What, you're expecting me to explain further...? Okay, but it'll have mild spoilers this time.

All the major players are back, at least, all the ones who haven't either killed themselves or been killed by each other in the previous two movies, Bourne is his destructive, creative and somewhat angst-ridden self and the action picks up where the second film left off... sort of. Y'see, the final scene of Bourne Supremacy is out of sequence since it happens during the story told by the third movie (with a very nice spin added) and we find Bourne on the run from the Russian police shortly after the tunnel chase as the film starts. From there it's the same kind of rollercoaster ride as Bourne finds himself remembering a lot of his immediate past in one lump and starts looking to it in order to learn more about himself.

Fans of the first two who are a bit geeky like me will probably enjoy some of the parallels between this and the other two movies, with some scenes being recreated and others alluded to. The only minor annoyance for me (the Boss didn't like the resolution, but i enjoyed all the back references because i'm geeky like that)i felt that the camerawork was overly wobbly and, whilst i understand that it's deliberate to give a sense of vibrancy or a feeling of energy, there's having energy and drinking Lucozade by the tanker truck load! Still, that doesn't detract much (if at all for "normal" people who don't occasionally get headaches from sub 50 frames a second footage) from what is a very good action film that actually has a story (even if it possibly needs more than one watch to get the finer points) and a great way to end a series that i started watching almost by accident since the Boss and i chose it on a whim. Whims are good.

As a side note, one thing that had me pondering throughout was one of the agents on Bourne's trail this time called Wills; i spent about a third of the movie pondering (as a background task, i hasten to add) who he was and, as i was writing this up, it finally occurred to me to check that what i'd been thinking was correct. It was, Corey Johnson who played Wills also played Henry van Statten in the 2005 Doctor Who story Dalek. Is it terribly geeky to find that rather cool...? On second thoughts, i don't want to know!

 .:[ Perspective ]:.Posted: 00:21 on Monday, 20 August 2007 
State: saddened  Music: none 

i've just heard that an online friend passed away last week; a lot of readers stand a chance of at least knowing of Sir Kidd (Robert) from IRC or message boards, we'd been chatting for several years on both. i'm not going to say it was a close friendship, more of a friendly acquaintance to be honest, but it's still a very sad surprise to hear that he had a heart attack...

i've had a few things on my mind recently, they all seem like trivial shit in comparison now i look at them again. i need to do a little thinking and possibly stop being overly sensitive.

Rest in peace, Robert.

 .:[ Kikkin' it ]:.Posted: 20:20 on Wednesday, 29 August 2007 
State: undecided  Music: Quadrant 

Okay, so back with a bit more vigour than the last post; being reminded how finite life can be does that i suspect...

Well, those who watch the main Cosine site will probably be aware that we've added a couple of new releases, Reaxion has very successfully been ported to the Gameboy Advance and, because it really needed to be done, i've shifted the Commodore 16 version of Kikstart to the C64. Now, since it's been very well received by gamers and sceners alike, this has lead to a bit of an issue... y'see, now i've ported one C16 game there are people tootling up with entire lists of titles they want to see converted! Sorry everybody, these games are easier to do than actually writing something from scratch but they're still more complex than they appear despite the similarities between the machines, so they take a lot of work. Not just for the process of converting them (which has several steps and involves building a working source file before any translation is even started) but for the play testing required to confirm that the data has been correctly extracted from the original and that the new code is functioning the way it should.

Concessions need to be made as well, such as the clouds in Kikstart C16, and routines sometimes need optimisation in order to get everything working because the C64 is slower than the C16. So although i am considering more ports and have a few possible irons in the fire already, i'm afraid i'm not taking requests; anything that i decide to work on will be chosen because it looks to be worth the effort required to make it work, that it will be possible with either no concessions or very few and purely for cosmetic reasons and because i want to put all the time in; after all, i'm the bunny who has to playtest this stuff so i've got to enjoy it to actually want to put the work in!

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