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"The places I haven't been to are the places I don't want to go."

Alan Whicker 
 .:[ Where did May go? ]:.Posted: 10:30 on Sunday, 03 June 2007 
State: bemused  Music: LOTU 

Oops... seems i misplaced another month! i know i had it here somewhere, perhaps it rolled under the table? Oh well, i'll try to get myself back to speed again... things have been busy in that vague sense that, although not a massive amount of stuff has actually been done, i've been occupied all the time i was (or wasn't) doing it. If you see what i mean...

Assorted media has been good of late; the Boss and i went to see Wedding Daze at the cinema last week; i'm a bit soppy at heart... okay, very soppy and the idea of a couple having a chance meeting and cheering them on even though the relationship seems doomed from the outset was very enjoyable. It helps that the cast are very good with the excellent Joe Pantoliano making his presence felt as the apparently psychotic father of the would-be bride whilst leads Jason Biggs (whose major "mental footprint" for me isn't the American Pie franchise that i've yet to see, but a brief but very amusing cameo in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) and Isla Fisher put in a couple of wonderful, ditsy performances that had us almost cheering them along into each others' arms.

Speaking of arms but a different kind in this case (a Vickers gun and an assortment of rifles), on to Doctor Who; i've already had to admit once to being a bit sentimental and i bloody knew that Human Nature (and it's second half Family Of Blood) were going to get me sniffling because i've always liked the book and Paul Cornell well and truly got me with Father's Day a couple of years back; i wasn't let down, although i was surprised by where it actually got me... This story has been begging for a decent television adaptation and that's exactly what it good; lots of tension both from the action and what we knew from five minutes in was a doomed relationship between Smith and Joan Redfern (played by Jessica Hynes, nee. Stephenson from Spaced so that's two of the five main cast in 'Who now and i notice from the IMDb that she's written and starring in a new series called Learners for later this year with none other than David Tennant and Shaun "Pete Tyler" Dingwell amongst the cast) that is almost a mirror to the couples that the first World War irrevocably split. The Family themselves were suitably creepy, with Baines (the schoolboy taken over by the son) and that almost permanent leer being particularly striking... and without spoiling the end, it's wonderfully and slightly unnerving. You'll see what i mean if you're time shifting or watching the repeat...

There, that's about caught up isn't it...?

 .:[ Cool runnings ]:.Posted: 00:52 on Saturday, 09 June 2007 
State: relieved  Music: Pro BMX Simulator 

Okay, so my main PC Ikaruga has been making this strange grinding noise for a couple of days and, considering the state of my various machines, i must admit that i did precisely bugger all about it... and this morning it stopped being an issue because the sound stopped entirely... and then so did the machine. Totally. First it was a serious instability, then BSODs on boot even in safe mode. So i removed the "new" RAM that went in, then the older RAM to make sure they weren't at fault, tried to roll back to a previous working config, then the old hard disk... suddenly that can't boot with the same file missing!

Of course, a noise stopping like that can't be a good thing, and in this case it was the CPU fan making the noise and the reason it stopped was because the fan itself siezed up! i discovered this when i burnt my finger on the damned heat sink! So... just gone midnight on a Saturday, the hardware has failed and, of course, one of the few spares i don't have to hand is a cooling fan for this particular kind of heat sink... what to do.

My feet are bloody freezing! And that's because, under my desk and aimed squarely at the open side of Ikaruga's tower case, is a large and quite powerful desktop fan. i have no idea if this is a wise idea but, apart from the chill i'm likely to get from the experience, i swear the bloody machine is more reliable than it's been for ages now!

 .:[ Got a new C64DTV game ]:.Posted: 14:42 on Monday, 11 June 2007 
State: surprised  Music: Quadrant 

Picturei've discovered a new game to play on my PAL C64DTV - Snap! All i was doing at the time was having a quick blast of Uridium on the big telly in the front room and doing pretty well in fact (my Uridium skills are... variable at best) and, when i yanked my joystick from one side to the other rapidly to to make a very tight turn in the game, suddenly there was a fairly loud snapping and i swear it just came off in me hands, honest officer!

Looking at the remains, it seems the shaft isn't steel like the joystick it's based on, the Competition Pro (my USB Comp Pro is a steel shaft, i've dismantled it) and the plastic has simply sheared away at the base; considering the entire unit was twenty quid, i s'pose it's hardly surprising that the build quality isn't that much cop... and on the plus side, this does give me a really good excuse to look into sending it away in order to get it colour fixed and modified! Every cloud, as they say.

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