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"And, boy, was today exciting...I went to the dentist and had a filling replaced! Whoo, this rockstar life is so endlessly exciting. And I got to do a whole syringe full of novocaine! And they say that rock and roll debauchery is a thing of the past...they've obviously never seen me in the dentist chair with a big needle pumping novocaine into my jaw."

 .:[ Ms. Jones... ]:.Posted: 16:53 on Wednesday, 04 April 2007 
State: sidetracked(!)  Music: Target Renegade 

Damn! Looks like i've got behind on my web log yet again doesn't it... well, my "excuse" is that we've had a huge amount on our plates lately (sadly, i'm not referring to food) and there hasn't really been any time to sit down and waffle. So once more, a huge wodge of text to make up for lost ground and wibble on a bit about what i've been watching or whatever... Oh, and before i start, the next couple of paragraphs have a few minor spoilers for Smith And Jones, so if you've time shifted it you might want to stop reading here 'cos even if you skip that part it's just a bit of waffling about Top Gear anyway...! Now, where was i?

The Doctor returned with new companion-to-be Martha Jones at the weekend and i doubt i could have been much happier after watching; attempting to replace Rose with a carbon copy at this stage simply wouldn't have worked at all and the production team, rather wonderfully, haven't even tried to do that. Instead, Martha is a well-rounded, intelligent and resourceful character in very different ways to Rose who gels wonderfully with the Doctor and i'm looking forward to seeing where that relationship goes... even if i'm a little less interested in the rest of the Jones family right now. Perhaps they'll grow on me as things progress in the way that Mickey Smith and the Tylers did, we'll have to see.

It was also fantastic to see Anne Reid return to the show as well; although best known as either Valerie Barlow on Corrie (Ken's first wife who had an accident with a hair drier i believe?) and, quite rightly so, as Jean in the superb dinnerladies, for the less fanboy-ish reader(s) she also appeared in Doctor Who during the excellent Sylvester McCoy story Curse Of Fenric as nurse Crane, carer to the wheelchair-bound, Turing-inspired professor Judson. Since she was brutally slain by Fenric whilst he was inhabiting Judson's body, this was her chance to play the other side of the coin and be the blood-sucking baddie (there's an irony, CoF featured creatures that lived off blood too!) and it was a great choice too, because she managed to switch between the dazed, bumbling old dear routine and something very sinister with ease!

Speaking of telly, i've been indulging one of my televisual vices a lot of late; y'see, ignoring the fact that i've never exactly tried to wedge myself into the "real man" template, despite not having driven a car since the 1980s because i thoroughly hate doing so and regardless of my probably total lack of macho posturing generally... i like watching Top Gear. Not so much the latest installments, because i'm hardly hungry for the latest news from Aston or BMW, but more the re-runs that UK Gold and sometimes the BBC digital channels put out and more because of the presenters than anything. Watching what i assume is scripted but still very funny bickering and back-stabbing from Clarkson, Hammond and May is incredibly enjoyable telly, along with some of the ridiculous ideas they come up with for challenges and even the trials of the cars themselves... some people will never cease to amaze me!

 .:[ Yet more catching... ]:.Posted: 15:47 on Friday, 20 April 2007 
State: average  Music: Uridium 2 

Well, three episodes in and waiting (fairly) patiently for tomorrow's installment of the Doctor and Martha's travels; so far i've enjoyed everything that's happened and, although there isn't the little trail of extra websites, the surrounding media has been as good as ever, especially the commetary tracks on the Beeb site. i may be biased as a long-term fan when i say there's nothing better on telly right now but, also as a long-term fan, i'm pretty bloody hard to impress and to date i have been on a weekly basis for one reason or another. And "reading ahead" a bit, it seems things are going in some very interesting directions as the season moves on!

So what else have i been doing? Not much of note to be honest, just surviving the school holidays, pretending to be a writer again (who knows, i might get something else published too!) and, because i've mostly been writing about "retro" games, i've been playing a lot of 'em as well. A re-launch of OSG is on the cards too if i find enough time...

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