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"The power of accurate observation is frequently called cynicism by those who don't have it."

George Bernard Shaw 
 .:[ More "new" toys! ]:.Posted: 11:37 on Saturday, 10 March 2007 
State: bemused  Music: Crazy Comets 

PictureYes, another addition to the retro "collection"; we've had the CTM644 monitor for ages (before i met the Boss, in fact) but this very good condition CPC (which came with a modulator, although we're not using it) was a mere fifteen quid in the local Blockbuster/Gamestation so it was pretty much an impulse buy! A little eBaying later and there are originals of Transmuter and the fabby Chronos sat by it (as well as one of my Zipstiks, got to have a decent joystick on it) so all we need to find is Olli and Lissa 3 for the Boss, since that's the game she has strong memories of playing the last time she had a CPC, and perhaps Warhawk or maybe Mission Genocide for a bit of early Paul Shirley scrolling shooter goodness.

In "other news", the UK military are in the process of launching a new satellite today called... wait for it... Skynet 5. Oh bum flakes!! The BBC report that it will "deliver secure, high-bandwidth communications for UK and friendly forces across the globe" and that it's "part of a multi-billion-pound project that will allow the Army, Royal Navy and RAF to pass much more data, faster between command centres" but there doesn't seem to be anything about sentient neural-net systems with delusions of grandeur or the governor of California blowing up a microchip design lab... time to start searching the obituaries for one Sarah Connor, perhaps? i just hope they don't make the bloody thing nervous by threatening to turn it off...

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