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"It is true that assembly code is more difficult to write, but am I designing a game for my convenience, or to deliver the best possible experience to the player? It is no coincidence that programmers who design with their own convenience as their top priority often end up with crappy games."

Eugene Jarvis 
 .:[ Adventures with cats? ]:.Posted: 09:36 on Saturday, 17 February 2007 
State: awake(?)  Music: Turican 2 

PictureWell, it's been dead quiet here at Chez Roundabout so, in keeping with a long-standing internet tradition the origin of which nobody can actually remember and fewer people want to remember, here's a picture of a cat to tide everybody over.

Actually, it's not quite that "frivolous", this is more a test of what the 1.3 megapixel camera in a Sony Ericcson K600i can do without much in the way of preparation, decent lighting or even a flash. Barmy here is very difficult to get posing for pictures, so it's usually a case of just grabbing a camera and snapping away whenever we can. This one has actually come out rather well, at least after a bit of a clean up...

 .:[ Back to random muses ]:.Posted: 12:39 on Wednesday, 28 February 2007 
State: undecided  Music: TISWAS 

So what have i been doing lately? Ooh, lots but very little of it has been truly interesting (at least not the bits of me life that this web log covers). i've been thinking about 1980's telly a bit recently, mainly prompted by a nostalgia-fest on IRC yesterday which covered all the classics like Knight Rider, Streethawk, Blue Thunder, Jamie And The Magic Torch and most of the rest of Cosgrove Hall's output, so i spent a few hours delving around the wonderful TV Cream before noticing a link to the rather splendid TISWAS Online (which explains this entry's music, doesn't it?). Up until last night, i'd never realised just how much of a genius Chris Tarrant was and indeed is; TISWAS was, apart from a first test season where he was second fiddle to the original lead presenter John Asher whilst the show was purely put out in the ATV region (in those days, Saturday morning telly was handled by each ITV franchise) he was pretty much at the helm even to the point of choosing who appeared onscreen during what most people consider the "golden era" to the point where he was not only starring in but producing the show from the floor!

Which goes some way to explaining a few things... on the compilation video i endlessly watched in the late 1990's, there's a truly classic scene where the lovely Sally James was doing the well-worn trick of "walking through a postcard"; when she says about wanting a build up and Tarrant was away, storming around the studio and onto the production gallery, literally shouting himself hoarse in the process to give Sally her hype. Whilst it's hysterically funny to watch in it's own right, knowing now that Tarrant was at the helm explains some of the sheer energy he was broadcasting at that point... lets face it, apart from perhaps Ant and Dec with SM:TV, Saturday mornings have never been as edgy since TISWAS, even with the "scripted mayhem" that tried to emulate it over the years. A crying shame, to be honest...

In "other news", one thing of note is the start of a port of Reaxion to the Gameboy Advance; chances are it'll be done pretty soon at this rate and so far it plays beautifully. i really must nag certain people about other versions now...! Then again, i still have that NES port to go back to so i s'pose i should start by getting my own arse into gear... nah, too lazy busy right now!

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