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"We all love ball pools Connor, now is not the time."

Abby Maitland 
 .:[ The weather outside... ]:.Posted: 06:19 on Friday, 22 December 2006 
State: very tired  Music: Beastie Boys Intro 

It's nearly Christmas... in fact, it's just a couple of days away now and the last month has been horrendously busy around Chez Roundabout; new laminate flooring was going down yesterday, the web server is relocating into another room (at the end of a long double run of CAT5 already under the aforementioned flooring) today if all goes to plan and assorted other household and other events have conspired to keep me away from my web log... okay, they haven't really but i've never been one for posting the "did this today exciting eh" kind of detail all the time so there's been nothing to say of late.

That said, one fabby little toy i purchased during the laying and heading (with nice two point RJ45 boxes, because i'm doing it properly this time rather than leaving heads at the end of cables not quite tacked to the wall) of the new run of cable is an RJ45 and RJ11 tester; i got it from Maplin, reduced to a fiver from 15 as an impulse buy when i was getting the boxes and push-in tool and it's been incredibly useful - partly because it kept my paranoia about laying the cables under the flooring at bay!

Anyway, this is probably the last web log entry prior to Chrimble and possibly the only December entry so i'll leave you all to your turkey and Christmas special television (speaking of which, Torchwood on Christmas eve, Doctor Who - The Runaway Bride on Christmas day and Sarah Jane Adventures on New Year's Day - don't forget!!) and have another go at sleeping perhaps...

 .:[ Net not work ]:.Posted: 00:48 on Wednesday, 27 December 2006 
State: relieved  Music: Time+Space=Energy 

Well, we've had a few network... erm, issues over Christmas; the newly-installed wireless LAN suddenly started dropping and starting connection for no obvious reason to the point it was impossible to use. The solution was sat in a box by my PC but still took a major fight to get going, i'd grabbed a Cisco range expander because it'd been cheap in Comet (reduced to about half price) and it's proved to be a life saver!

So what about Christmas? Certain persons who shall remain nameless are still in "trouble" over an agreement not to get each other presents that wasn't adhered to )a remote control Dalek and a very nice digital camera, for those wondering) and it was fairly fraught but, generally speaking, i survived... i think. Doctor Who was brutal (although Catherine Tate's performance was a little over the top i felt) and there was a lot of the darkness that the Doctor has bubbling away during the story.

Seen some trailers for Sarah Jane as well, and had a bit of a stumble around the official site and it does look very interesting.

i've never been shy to admit i watch and enjoy programmes that are supposedly aimed at children because, to be honest, the best kids telly doesn't assume... well, idiocy on the part of the audience and it can be as good as and sometimes better than "mainstream" television - given the choice between Corrie and Pocoyo, i know which i consider to be more interesting, meaningful and indeed realistic! i've quite happily purchased Teletubbies videos for myself, watched a significant number of hours of Jetix shows like Power Rangers or Sonic X and, whilst there is a fair bit of dodgy acting in some of them and the production values might not be high (although it has to be said that they usually are except for the earliest Power Rangers seasons), they're far more energetic and enjoyable than the bulk of an average evening's viewing. It's quite depressing how being labelled "kids telly" makes something almost taboo to a lot of adults, as though it's beneath them to watch it...

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