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"Except in Boulder, where all living species dine on tofu, trail mix and bottled water, human beings are the only voluntary vegetarians. All other species dine on their favorite foods without a moment's concern about how their favorite foods feel about that."

Roger Ebert 
 .:[ Access denied...? ]:.Posted: 19:16 on Monday, 09 October 2006 
State: bouncy!  Music: Cream Of The Earth 

Well, was watching the first episode of Robin Hood on Saturday and after Keith Allen's enjoyable and somewhat slimy portrayal of the sheriff and the lovely Lucy Griffiths (previously sighted in the fantastic Sea Of Souls) as Marian was... it!

Woohoo! The first full trailer for Torchwood!!

Now, i've seriously been looking forward to this one; John Barrowman, Eve Myles and Naoko Mori all appeared in the 2005 season of Doctor Who (Barrowman and Mori both reprising their roles as Captain Jack Harkness and Toshiko Sato respectively) so i've already an idea of what they can do and Captain Jack in particular was an excellent character. For those who haven't heard of Torchwood already, it's sort of like what happens when the X-Files universe collides head on at speed with the Doctor Who universe! And there's more to come, along with the previously announced but still rather nebulous K9 Adventures being made for the Jetix channel, there's another 'Who spin-off just announced for air in 2007 as Elisabeth Sladen takes the title role in Sarah Jane Adventures, which is being made for CBBC.

We've already got some fantastic telly on at the moment; we're a couple of episodes into another awesome season of Spooks and as usual they're being total and utter gits to the regular characters - i watched tonight's episode in advance courtesy of BBC3 last week and... waaah, but it's still excellent drama and well worth the watch. And for comedy there's Mark "it doesn't work like that" Benton (who, for a tenuous link, played Clive in the 2005 season of Doctor Who) and Holby City regular Paul Henshall in the brutal BBC3 series I'm With Stupid which has had me laughing like a drain.

Finally, Saturday saw the return of Strictly Come Dancing and the sublime Bruce Forsythe - even if i didn't enjoy it for watching the various amateurs improve and grow over the weeks, it would be well worth the time just to see the legend that is Brucie at work. i thought it was a real shame to lose Nicholas Owen that early in the competition though, because he honestly looked as though he loved the dancing - still, Peter Schmeichel was astonishingly agile for a man his size...

 .:[ Bloody hell! ]:.Posted: 21:14 on Monday, 16 October 2006 
State: ecstatic  Music: none 

i was heading out to get some food earlier today and saw Captain Jack bloody Harkness on the side of a bus today. Not the real Captain Jack of course, it was just a very large picture but the important bit is that it was an expensive advert for Torchwood! Re-bloody-sult!!

Nothing else to say today, just really pleased about that. =-)

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