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"All we'd done on the way to Dorset is crash into things, bicker, get cautioned by the police, cause a lot of jams, have a puncture, clear up some dog sick, have a noisy disgusting picnic at the side of the road and get stuck."

Jeremy Clarkson 
 .:[ Catching up (again!) ]:.Posted: 19:56 on Sunday, 03 September 2006 
State: happy  Music: The Recovery 

Well, it's been a busy six weeks whilst the school holidays were going on and i've not really had anything of note to write about; at least, not enough to warrant patching the web log for a new month... but today i just crawled back in from a couple of days away in Manchester with Dan, Tas, Tomsk, Trooper, Glyn and Waz, accompanied by alcohol of assorted varieties and quite a lot of ibuprofen as well i think! There's some pictures from this particular outing that have just been added to the photo gallery if anyone fancies a laugh (and possibly a few cringes).

After that it's been a quiet month on the gaming front; one of two points of note were quite a bit of playing Fast And The Furious in an arcade in Scarborough - if you can find the cab (it's at the back of an arcade called "Gilly's" at the far end of the room from the bingo caller) enter the code 53248 and you'll have the user name VBL (yes, that is me and it's a fairly involved story...!) with one retrograded car in the form of the Toyota and another partially. If anyone uses that code, let me know how you do even if the code has been invalidated!

Another bit of manic driving was provided by the original Burnout on the Gamecube; i managed to unlock over a couple of days, mostly using the medium and hard difficuly cars - i also used the pickup truck a few times, it's slow but really good for those tracks when you go offroad. It felt a little short overall (i only put a few hours a day in) but was fun whilst i was doing it and i'm tempted to pick up the second hand Burnout 2 i saw the other day if it's still there...

 .:[ Outages ]:.Posted: 21:39 on Thursday, 21 September 2006 
State: edgy  Music: Elysium 

Anyone who actually checks (no, i suspect there aren't any but i like to kid myself) will have noticed that Cosine.org.uk was down from about 8pm yesterday to 1pm today. The reason for that is that NTL decided, for reasons best known to themselves, to disconnect us from the 'net. Suffice to say i wasn't best pleased when i found out, since i'd been up until 4am playing Super Mario Sunshine and repeatedly restarting Voidrunner and the cable modem to no effect. NTL's "reason", for want of a better word, was arrears on the account; strange that considering i'm currently contesting the last bill because i believe they've over charged me, isn't it...?

However, in true H2G2 bureaucratic style (see the exchange between Prosser and Arthur Dent at the start) they didn't tell me this straight away, oh no - they kept me on hold for ten minutes trying to solve a technical issue that didn't actually exist whilst running up a bill of around a fiver, then they told me. Suffice to say that when i did find out what was going on, the term "not a happy bunny" really doesn't cover it and, after the ear bending the call centre operative took, i doubt they'll make that mistake again in a hurry! So now, after reconnecting the domain forwarding to the sites earlier, i'm shattered, slightly edgy due to lack of sleep and there being blood in my caffeine system and, hopefully, in possession of two happy servers again.

The only "plus" to come out of this is that i've now got 47 shine sprites and 99 lives in Sunshine!

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