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"I'd like to believe that the people that have supported me in my work or identified with me in films, the people that feel they know me, they do and they don't have misconceptions - they understand. I believe that."

Angelina Jolie 
 .:[ Going out now... ]:.Posted: 12:42 on Monday, 10 July 2006 
State: mad panic(!)  Music: Wiz 'n' Liz 

We're off on our hols in sunny Skeggy this Friday (well, most of us are, some are going on Sunday and it's a long story but for a very good reason...!) so, since it hasn't been done in ages and i'm worried something might catastrophically fail at hardware level whilst we're not here to fix it, i'm in the midst of making backups of just about everything important before we go. That's a lot of data too, at least a DVD for the servers and website work files.

It's amazing how it adds up to be honest, seems like only yesterday that we had a single hosted site in the house - that was on the old server Gridrunner and just the small one attached to the forerunner of this web log that i had to edit manually! Doesn't time fly...?

Speaking of time (and ropey subject links) how about Doctor Who then? Me, i bloody loved every minute of it and, although there wasn't a true tear-jerker like "Father's Day" within the season itself (i felt that "Love And Monsters" was too comical to really get the emotions going) that finale...


[Awooga, awooga!!]

...when Pete Tyler appeared literally out of the void to save Rose, i bloody cheered i swear i did! Ever since "Father's Day" i've liked Pete Tyler and, despite it being incredibly sad that Rose and the Doctor were split up, the way Rose was left with the dad she'd never had, Pete saving the daughter he pretended to himself wasn't his and Mickey finally getting the girl... result is all i can say. In fact, if i had to point at one thing i didn't like, it was the overdone double taking between the bride and the Doctor at the very end.

Tennant has been excellent, i honestly didn't expect him to top Eccleston but this lighter, more eclectic approach to the Doctor's personality is more in keeping with the character of old and he pulls it off beautifully. Billie Piper simply went from strength to strength throughout (and she started from a bloody high note to my mind), Noel Clarke was fantastic as Mickey (and his reappearance in "Army Of Ghosts" was another little cheer, even if i'd half expected it since the Cybermen were coming to play) and Camille Coduri and Shaun Dingwell were superb. It's a shame it's over now, but there's the Chrimble special, next season and, before both, there's Torchwood as well... fingers crossed, Captain Jack's adventures should make for some interesting viewing too. i wonder when K9 Adventures is due to start as well...?

 .:[ Oh i do like... ]:.Posted: 11:56 on Tuesday, 18 July 2006 
State: sunburnt!  Music: not sure? 

Well, here we are in sunny Skegness... and no, that's not sarcasm for a change because the weather is beautiful and we've even had a heat wave warning from the MET office! So i'm here in the cyber cafe (with probably the slowest PC i've used since getting a Pentium 2!) just checking the world at large, that my servers are ticking over happily and making sure my email accounts haven't overflowed or something. Oh, and i'm sort of killing time before we queue up for a show, a musical based on Rentaghost apparently... sadly, my mansion house doesn't need haunting.

i'm also very happy because, in the Skyline arcade, is a shiny Outrun 2 SP machine... i've had to ration myself because it's a quid a go(!) but that's me pretty much sorted for this holiday... no need to go to the seaside this year, i have everything i want now barring bandwidth in the chalet!

Anyway... "normal" services'll be resumed around Friday afternoon at a guess, possibly the evening and if i get any really good scores on Outrun 2 i'll spend a couple of quid to scream about them on 'ere too!

 .:[ Hi honey, i'm home! ]:.Posted: 13:07 on Saturday, 22 July 2006 
State: relaxed  Music: none 

PictureYes, we're back and settled back in after the week away and yes, that's a particularly unflattering picture of yours truly playing outrun 2 SP in the arcade at Butlins, Skegness. How exciting! i didn't get a single score worth any kind of screaming although i did pretty well...

Rentaghost - The Musical (which i later found out was written by Joe Pasquale) was brilliant; the actor playing Timothy Claypole was spot on, Davenport and Mumford very close and Hazel McWitch has never been so sexy...! No spoilers, of course, but i must admit that during the first musical number i was a little concerned because it didn't bear any relationship to the original series... the second scene immediately fixed that, introducing the primary cast and launching into a good rendition of the theme by the principal cast. The way some of the characters are dealt with varies slightly from the TV series (in particular Harold Meaker, who is now rather duplicitous) but generally speaking it treats everything with respect and is more entertaining for the adults watching for it. And as i said, Hazel McWitch (and i'm told Fred Mumford) are both... erm, shall we say very aesthetically pleasing...? Overall, it's well worth the night out if y'get the chance, good acting (and some good ad-libbing when the sound man arsed up a musical sting, although that might be part of the show), nicely scripted and, although the new songs don't all have the nostalgic impact of the cover of Michael Staniforth's theme song, they're also very good - so it's huge amounts of fun for all the family, literally.

Picture...and look what i came home to; this is a tape original of ViColumn on the VIC 20 - yay! Fingers crossed, the new Warflame artwork and the VIC version of Lunar Blitz shouldn't take too long to arrive as well - and i need to start working on another render for Blok Copy (the title formerly known as Shyfter) too... busy bunny ain't i? More on Blok Copy'll be coming along sooner or later, the code is already in final beta now so i can start thinking about getting it ready to meet the world...

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