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"One thing I can't stand, particularly in England, is that sometimes it becomes more about fashion and irony than the actual music [...] I don't want people to like our band because we're cool; I want people to like us because they dig the music."

Nic Cester 
 .:[ Oops! ]:.Posted: 13:05 on Saturday, 22 April 2006 
State: surprised  Music: Shadow Skimmer 

Oh dear, i've not updated my web log for over a month it seems! i'm not sure why, i think things have been getting on top of me (if you'll excuse the pun) lately so i've just had very little time to get my thoughts straightened out enough to write them down... or something.

Anyway, the new series of Doctor Who started last week and, although it wasn't amazing it was bloody good fun and i enjoyed it a lot; Zoe Wannamaker returned as Cassandra (and we got to see her before the operations, nice touch) and David Tennant and Billie Piper got to play at being her as well; i have even more respect for Billie after that episode, she was excellent as Cassandra and the line about living in a bouncy castle was almost poetry! So tonight's episode, with Pauline Collins and her maj Victoria and werewolves... well, can't wait!

We also piled out to the cinema and saw Ice Age 2 yesterday; the first one was a brutal film and the sequel was just as good, no spoilers as usual, but Skritch, the small rodent with an acorn fixation, managed to raise the most laughs and a few winces as well! There's some nice character development, a little sub plot for Sid, Manny and Diego each (with Manny's being a bit of a tear jerker too) and some new characters - all of whom are possums... apparently. Well worth a visit to the Odeon for and, if the trailers are anything to go by, there's some interesting looking films due in the immediate future too.

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