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"We have normality. I repeat, we have normality. Anything you still can't cope with is therefore your own problem."

Tricia Macmillan 
 .:[ Anniversaries ]:.Posted: 19:15 on Thursday, 09 March 2006 
State: happy  Music: Exodus 

Well, it's a time for anniversaries it seems; the main one was the reason i've not updated recently, my parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday and to celebrate, my sister arranged a surprise party - with yours truly being part of the surprise! And what a surprise it was, my mum and dad have both said they'll never forget that day and i'm sure that's the case because they seemed stunned first they found that the quiet meal with my sister and her family was suddenly a lot more busy than expected and then i snuck up behind them!

The lack of an update to the log, by the way, was to avoid having to fib about whereabouts and so forth since my dad reads it from time to time!

A less important anniversary, although one i felt worth noting is the second "official" birthday of my web log. Although not all of it was documented, a lot has happened over the last couple of years - if the properties i just did on the archive files is anything to go by, there's 250Kb of text (about a quarter of a megabyte) been written in that time. That's quite a wodge of text when i think about it, even assuming half of that is the HTML code around the actual text, that's still over 120,000 characters! Since they both went "live" around the same time, Oldschool Gaming is about two years old as well and there's an article been written to celebrate that fact going live in the next couple of days.

Finally a little catching up; got another mention in Micro Mart last week (how relaxed am i about it, oh another mention... yawn!) this time about some prototype Plus/4 code i was bragging about on IRC that doesn't even have a game design behind it yet. They also included a screenshot of my port of the Ignition table graphics from Pinball Dreams and mentioned my games in a Cronosoft update too... fame at last, eh? Well, there's something on the go which i'm not sure i can mention yet on that level, i'll spill the beans as and when...

Anyway... i've probably just added another 250K to the web log so i'll leave everything else to another time...!

 .:[ Bloody hell... ]:.Posted: 10:32 on Wednesday, 15 March 2006 
State: bemused  Music: none 

Have you ever woken up and thought you were still in a dream...? i got up about 10am but that was during the opening ceremonies for the Commonwealth Games and for a while i couldn't tell which state i was in! i sort of wish i took drugs, it'd make transitions like that a tad easier...!

There's always been a lot of talk about drug use in sport, but it surprises me that nobody has looked more closely into the people coming up with these ceremonies; from Australia, you'd expect some bloke to come out and say "g'day, welcome to Oz", raise his can of Fosters and walk off, but no. There were ballerinas dancing to a live band whilst a bloke on a motorbike pulled tricks off parts of the set, there was a complex back story about enlightenment and knowledge and a large flying koala bear for crying out loud! And the commentary voice over that was there to explain the imagery, it felt like watching an episode of the Teletubbies with the colour turned down a bit and less in the way of talking plastic flowers.

As far as drug taking in sport goes, i very much agree with what comedian Paul Merton said on hearing someone saying they believed athletes should use any means open to them to win; "i'll have a motorbike then".

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