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Jeremy Clarkson 
 .:[ Fame at last!! ]:.Posted: 11:47 on Saturday, 11 February 2006 
State: wheee!!  Music: Fruitbank 

So i was just browsing around the sites i check out once a week and wandered over to the Micro Mart site... for those who are reading from outside the U.K., it's a weekly computing magazine, mostly mainstream stuff but they have a couple of pages for 8-bit systems and Amiga, amongst others, and my matey Shaun Bebbington writes the Retro Mart column for them. Except he didn't write this week's column for them, because i did...!


i'm not sure if that's a fixed address on the Micro Mart site, so i'll check next week and will be mirroring it off after i post this just to be sure anyway... but the interesting bit is that i actually wrote that review for Bebbers' mag Retro:Bytes at the end of last year, he asked a few weeks back if he was still cool to use it and i said "sure" (because it was) but didn't expect it to be used there!

i found it online half an hour ago and have been bouncing up and down like Zebedee ever since, i need to do a little shopping to get a few copies to look smug with i think! i'm not sure i can put into words exactly how i feel about this, i've been writing for things like Commodore Zone for ten or so years now and disk mags even longer, but i've never done anything that's been in print with such a large reader base so just saying i'm "happy" really doesn't cover my current emotion all; it compares to seeing Reaxion on the covermount of Commodore Format in my local W.H. Smiths some twelve years ago... Yes, i know it's an everyday thing for some people but i've never really considered myself a writer (i've always said i'm a programmer who can sort of write rather than the other way around although i've had vague ideas about writing a book for a while that i suddenly have the urge to get on with) so getting something actually into print feels bloody awesome and i'd rather like it to happen again, please!

 .:[ Housekeeping ]:.Posted: 01:15 on Tuesday, 21 February 2006 
State: tired  Music: Ace II 

Just a bit of a meandering to be honest; Reaxion on the Atari 8-bit series and Plus/4 both recieved what i consider to be a healthy 81% from Retro Gamer so i'm a happy bunny. i've been fiddling around with some 264 code over the last day as well, so i'm nearly at the point where i need to settle on a base game design to start coding... that gives me two projects on the 264 (possibly three, depends on how the third looks when i start designing it), one for the Atari 8-bits and a couple of C64 projects on the go... i should update the projects pages perhaps.

Speaking of updates, i've been tinkering with the quotes and added fifteen new entries as well as sorting them all into a more manageable order and i'm now seriously considering improving other aspects of the site; writing a better web log handler, migrating all the articles and game pages to a view system like my Oldschool Gaming back engine uses, all to make this site easier to maintain - so more site surgery and error messages as i get things wrong in the near future perhaps!

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