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"You got to be careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there."

Yogi Berra 
 .:[ 160*200 ]:.Posted: 15:32 on Sunday, 08 January 2006 
State: recovered  Music: Parallax 

First off, the "joke"; the title of this entry is my new year's resolution. Yes, i know it's an appalling joke but it's sort of traditional for me to do it somewhere so there it is.

Catching up on what happened over Christmas, eagle-eyed readers (the ones with a switch on the back of their head and an Action Man logo about their person...?) will have noticed that a lot of the projects on this sub-site disappeared just before Christmas, that's because they were all just about complete and, after a little more work, were released; ViColumn went out on Christmas eve and Reaxion A8, Reaxion Plus/4 and Lunar Blitz C16 were all released new year's eve.

T'be honest, i was a bit disappointed with the reaction to ViColumn, in fact there wasn't one until i started nagging people! Which is a bit weak compared to the response from the 264 community, who were very happy and gave Reaxion and Lunar Blitz coverage on the front page of Plus/4 World, or the Atari Age A8 people who not only liked the game but one actually took a fair bit of time out to complete Reaxion A8! The word "chuffed" really doesn't cover how i felt, it was that cool a moment!

To be honest, i don't do the whole "new year" thing, at least not the bit about how it's a new start, blah blah... when 2006 started, i was playing Ikaruga and that's hardly unusual for me of an evening! But it did feel nice to "clear the decks" and get all those releases out and circulating, so the "policy" here from now on is just to release stuff when it's complete and sort the mastering out later. i think i'm going to be a bit shy about announcing new projects too, i don't mind fielding requests for unfinished projects as such, but some people don't seem to realise how much work goes into some of this stuff and how little time i actually get...

 .:[ Grand day out ]:.Posted: 12:56 on Friday, 13 January 2006 
State: awake(!)  Music: none 

Okay, so Wednesday was fun; a load of us piled into a coach and went south to the BETT show. BETT is for assorted vendors to demonstrate their wares to teachers and schools IT people. So five hours each way on a coach to wander around Olympia looking at cool stuff (including a rather snazzy content cache that i really want to talk to people at work about), a chance to take the piss out of the people on the Microsoft stand ("It uses Office? We have Open Office, will that do?"), insulting the products on the Epson stand and grabbing as many freebies as are going as a bonus - i managed to get around eighty pens, two 64Mb Flash drives, assorted coffee and mouse mats, a WiFi hotspot tracker and three stress balls!

The other event for Wednesday night (which required a stress ball) was a cease and desist email...! More on that when i know better where we (Cosine as a group) stand, but at the moment i can't see it being a problem and i have no plans to do anything until they email me back regarding the legal questions i raised. When that happens i'll have an answer about publishing the emails online too.

 .:[ Modern, futuristic... ]:.Posted: 01:45 on Saturday, 21 January 2006 
State: nostalgic  Music: none 

A few weeks ago i took to watching the re-runs of The Avengers on BBC4 of a Friday evening, they've started showing from the colour Emma Peel stories onwards and the one i'm watching as i write this paragraph features the fictional Ministry Of Technology and an equally fictional department called the "Neoteric Research Unit" - this is the same episode that i had on in the background whilst coding some ten years ago that provided the name Neoteric for my X'96 demo! Suddenly i feel incredibly old, although the guest appearance by Christopher Lee and a cameo by John Junkin took my mind off it a bit. The word means "modern, futuristic, advanced", by the way.

But to get my mind into another groove and speaking of television, i've been following a couple of series. The first one is My Name Is Earl on Channel 4 which, apart from being very funny, it's an incredibly uplifting programme; the general idea is that Earl Hickey is a relatively average example of what i believe is called "trailer trash" until, after winning $10,000 on a scratch card and promptly losing the ticket after a car hits him, he discovers karma. Earl decides that he has to put right all the things he's done wrong or his life will continue to be bad and to do that he compiles a list, then goes out and uses the money he's won (the card reappears when he starts doing good) to fix things. Not everything goes as Earl plans, but it all works out right in the end and it leaves a warm, fuzzy feeling each time y'watch it.

The other show is home grown, the BBC and Kudos's fantastic Life On Mars; our hero, Sam Tyler, is a modern police officer who is hit by a car and is... well, it's a bit difficult to tell actually, but he seems to have either been flung back in time to the 1970s or in a coma and "dreaming" it all. But watching poor Sam trying to survive without DNA testing, mobile phones or anything else he took for granted previously, getting over the culture shock, brawling with his guv'nor DCI Hunt (literally brawling, they trade blows about once an episode!) and trying to work out what the hell has actually happened is fascinating.

Finally, i'm occasionally watching Celebrity Big Brother but only in that way where i get "stuck" whilst trying to channel hop past it and i don't recommend it in the slightest apart from, possibly, to masochists!

 .:[ Have an award... ]:.Posted: 15:34 on Saturday, 21 January 2006 
State: happy  Music: Z-Out 

Two entries in the same day; surely that will cause the universe to implode?!

Actually, it's just a short note about Doctor Who totally demolished the competition during the Best Of 2005 the BBC ran, which was voted for by viewers. And not only did it win seven of the eight categories, the eighth was worst drama, so not getting top in that particular chart is even better. But it doesn't stop there; both Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant take first and second place respectively for best actor, the emperor Dalek gets fifth place whilst his followers take the gold and the most desirable star category had Gillian Anderson in fifth place and then Doctor Who cast all the way through with Billie Piper winning overall.

The coming year possibly won't be as easy sailing though; what with the fantastic Life On Mars and Sea of Souls already in 2006, the still mysterious Torchwood to look forward to around summer time and of course the next season of Spooks at the end of the year that's a lot of class telly from the Beeb...

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