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Donna Henshaw 
 .:[ Retro, retro, retro ]:.Posted: 22:17 on Sunday, 18 December 2005 
State: retro  Music: Jim Power 

Well, it's bean deathly quiet of late on the "fun retro stuff" front and suddenly two things happen at once; Retro Gamer rises from it's grave (to quote Altered Beast) and has taken on a slightly updated and nice form, and the first teaser issue of Retro:Bytes has been completed and released.

Retro:Bytes is a concern that i've had a bit of a hand in as a writer (i use the term loosely, of course) at least i've written a piece for the first full issue. i'm hoping to continue working with Shaun actually, he seems not only happy with what i've done but happy to let me basically make my own decisions as to what i'm going to cover and i like that kind of freedom!

The return of Retro Gamer after it's unceremonious closing down (caused by the publisher going under, not due in any way to RG's performance since it was one of their few profit-making mags at the end) is a great thing because i'm of the opinion that a dedicated mag needs to be out there and, looking at the writers, i know a few of 'em either directly or indirectly and know they're top notch geezers who are well up to the job. i did notice a few... erm, hiccups like the reference to Jet Strike having VGA graphics (on a CD32?!) but generally speaking it's been a good read so far. Fingers crossed, Retro:Bytes will get the same sort of circulation when it gets the wind into it's sails, because there's a lot of room in the market right now... i've got a few rough ideas for articles for both of 'em as well, wonder if RG want freelance submissions...?

Anyway... chances are this'll be close to the last update before Christmas (with the Doctor Who special being the cause of anything posted before the new year at a guess!) so 'appy Christmas or whichever you celebrate if any and i'll be back assuming i survive!

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