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"We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty."

 .:[ Keeping quiet ]:.Posted: 13:09 on Sunday, 20 November 2005 
State: average  Music: Ocean Loader 4 

Oops... yes, it's been a quiet month but that's mostly because i've been trying to avoid adding any updates to the web log until the domain migration has been completed; there's currently two copies of the site on the server and i'm having to manually synchronise them manually when changes are made.

So why post at all? Partly because i wanted to put something in for November (and nothing had been said to date) and partly because i saw some interesting news earlier; it seems that in Germany, the Sony PSP is actually being out-sold by the C64DTV! According to Amazon.de's top sellers list, the DTV is third in sales after the Xbox 360 and Gameboy DS, an incredible achievement all considered. i checked the Amazon UK site, they're not even showing the unit as out yet and it's still earnt a respectable seventh place in the Direct to TV devices chart through pre-orders (top is the Sensible Soccer unit). Sadly, it doesn't compete directly with the Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo hardware to get an idea of relative sales and that would have been very interesting.

What's slightly more odd is that, whilst i was "researching" this piece i went for a look at Amazon US and, rather than finding the C64DTV (well, i did eventually but no sales charts) i found nearly 2,400 C64 games available for purchase!

PictureAnd for my next trick... here's a picture of my C64 loading Sanxion. If you squint at the image, you can just make out the C2N sat on top of the C64 but what you probably can't see is the cable running out of it and off across the desk... because the game is actually loading from an audio CD via a car stereo adapter!

Okay, so you're probably wondering why and i'll be honest and admit that this is probably the daftest thing i've done with a C64 since that attempt to prise a modulator housing off with a screwdriver whilst the power was on, but it seemed like a fun little "project" and i was playing with the idea quite a while ago. My next plan is to mount an old caddy-based SCSI CDROM drive i have with a track display on it's front panel into a 1541 case. Why? Well, it's something to do of a quiet winter evening!

 .:[ Home sweet home ]:.Posted: 22:02 on Tuesday, 29 November 2005 
State: relieved  Music: Losing The Baluns 

Well, the transition is finished and, hopefully, i've not lost any "fans" during the move; all that's really changed is the host of the domain, but i'm just so much happier having a decent support company looking after it for me and not trying to charge every year for an .org.uk! i took the time to add a few features like the quotes page, update the about me page (and make it a little easier to maintain, something i plan to expand on further) and generally tidy up in projects to remove stuff that's been completed and is just waiting for release.

What else is there... not much really, things have been quiet apart from the expletives hurled at web hosts of late; i can see fairly well now although things are a little blurred, i've been trying to get code written and seem to be succeeding to some degree and it's bloody cold out, isn't it?!

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