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"The wireless telegraph is not difficult to understand. The ordinary telegraph is like a very long cat. You pull the tail in New York, and it meows in Los Angeles. The wireless is the same, only without the cat."

Albert Einstein 
 .:[ More cool tech ]:.Posted: 22:51 on Wednesday, 10 August 2005 
State: bemused  Music: none 

PictureOkay, so it's been an age and a half since i last updated but i've had a fair few things on my mind and some problems with my eye just to make things a bit more interesting...

Anyway... whilst i was out and about yesterday i found and was given (thanks, Phil!) another wonderous piece of technology to regale you all with; this is... wait for it... the Tele-Mouse! And yes, despite the fact that you're all trying to convince yourselves that nobody would come up with a hybrid between a mouse and a telephone that's exactly what it is; the PS/2 lead has a telephone break-in kit halfway down it which in turn has a socket for a headset and an RJ-11 connector and the mouse itself has a toggle to open the line, an activity LED and a numeric pad.

But, unlike the previous cool pieces of technology i've covered here this one has one outstanding feature in that it's a totally and absolutely pointless piece of tat! and, for that reason alone, i absolutely adore the damned thing!

 .:[ Rediscovery ]:.Posted: 03:30 on Saturday, 20 August 2005 
State: happy  Music: Uridium 

We wandered off into town to see The Pacifier today at our newly renamed Vue cinema. Yes, no longer is Ster Century called Ster Century, now it's Vue and it makes such a difference... nope, lying through me teeth because the experience was exactly the same, except with marginally higher prices at the concession stand...

But i digress; Pacifier is another chance for Vin Diesel to play a macho character (a Navy SEAL no less this time, the fabulously named Shane Wolf) but this time he gets thrown in at the deep end as a babysitter. Now, it has to be said that the "action hero as babysitter" story is well worn and some of the footprints left by people like Hulk Hogan no less (Mister Nanny and, to a degree, Suburban Commando which i still think is a fab no-brainer film so i had to mention it...) but it manages to be genuinely funny and Diesel is excellent as the rough diamond that polishes into a family man due to vast amounts of friction. There's a good supporting cast (because, lets face it, Vin Diesel is the star no matter how many names go past in the credits) and there's a cute baby played by twins whose parents must be Dukes Of Hazzard fans since they're named Bo and Luke...! (Speaking of which, there's a remake i actually want to see...!)

In other "news", i've rediscovered Uridium with the arrival yesterday of a PAL C64DTV into the workstation... a marathon six hour session (with a break to watch Qi on UKTV Gold 2 at one point) gave me a top score of 168,660, reaching level 11 in the process... i suspect that's either my best ever at Uridium or i'm getting old...!

 .:[ Bus stations ]:.Posted: 13:11 on Tuesday, 23 August 2005 
State: undecided  Music: Warhawk 

So here i am at Victoria Coach Station, heading back home to Leeds from my parents' place and using a unit badged as a LondonTown.com kiosk - to be more accurate, a BT internet phone with one of those annoying metal keyboards that takes the strength of Atlas to get a decent WPM rate out of and, for reasons best known to the designers, has .co.uk and .com assigned to keys but only one Shift key on the left... and i use the right Shift m'self! Still, i have [checks ticket] about twenty minutes spare before my coach goes (run to gate 16 and pause to buy a bottle of diet Coke for the journey taken into consideration) so i might as well add a few word here.

During the delving through boxes in my dad's shed, i found a copy of Alan Coren's The Sanity Inspector and, some 160 pages later, i've decided that i'd like to be able to write like Alan Coren. Shame i haven't the vaguest of chances, really, but i can always dream i s'pose...

Anyway... quick check of a few sites and it's off to experience the "joy" that is a four hour coach journey; still, it's got to be better than fighting this keyboard!!

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