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"I will take the awe of understanding over the awe of ignorance any day."

Douglas Adams 
 .:[ Small moments of ego ]:.Posted: 01:19 on Wednesday, 06 July 2005 
State: happy  Music: none 

There was a press release from Cronosoft and Retro Bytes PR about my game ViColumn today... it's a really nice feeling, albeit a little surreal, to see your name up in lights courtesy of a mainstream games industry news source like GamesIndustry.biz - there are moments i can almost believe that "retro" is going to make a major comeback... That press release is just over here.

 .:[ Wonders of modern tech ]:.Posted: 17:20 on Monday, 18 July 2005 
State: happy  Music: none 

PictureWe did a little shopping and got a new toy today... that's it in the picture, balancing on top of my 1084S for the moment because the telly's remote control seems to have done a runner... never mind, it'll turn up eventually!

Anyway, our new likkle friend is a top-loading DVD player with a teeny physical footprint which has been more than happy to play everything i've thrown at it so far. Okay, so that doesn't make it wonderful as such, although it being so small was pretty impressive considering how good it actually looks onscreen. What makes it so scarily impressive is the cost; we picked it up at Asda for a mere twenty quid - i've paid more than that for DVD box sets in the past! i've always found this stuff fascinating, the idea of household electronics as disposable and this seems to be about the zenith for entertainment products in that it's all but disposable at that price, if we thrash the mechanism somehow it's no major financial loss to wander out and just get another one...

PictureAnd here's another modern wonder, this little beauty was discovered (along with five or six of it's species) whilst we were at Butlins in Skeggy. What is it? A baguette machine that actually cooks the bloody things! Not just microwaving either, we're talking an oven inside the machine that needs a couple of minutes to do it's job and the baguettes are wrapped in what appear to be perforated bags to allow them to cook in that environment without losing their fillings. Did i give it a go...? 'Course i did, i had a beef baguette and it was very nice!

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