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"Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new."

Henry David Thoreau 
 .:[ Who's afraid of... ]:.Posted: 01:08 on Thursday, 02 June 2005 
State: intrigued  Music: Simulcra 

So i've been reading up a little on the whole "bad wolf" thing in the new series of Doctor Who (and, to be brief, Father's Day actually had me in tears and both Empty Child and especially The Doctor Dances were superb, the end of the latter and the Doctor's elation being a high point for the series for me!) and i honestly can't wait for the 11th of this month now to see what it's all about. For those not following closely (and i missed this until it was drawn to my attention) there's been at least one reference to the words "bad wolf" hidden in every episode (Empty Child's possible reference is a bit vague, but there's something there) as well as all three of the new series novels, the official Doctor Who website and the sub sites like U.N.I.T. and Mickey's Who Is Doctor Who pages. And Episode 12 is called Bad Wolf so i'm hoping it all comes to a screaming, fascinating climax the Saturday after next and i've not been this excited about a piece of television since the Murder Game finished.

i hope other people at the Beeb are paying attention to the viewing figures too; Celebrity Wrestling took a major pounding from a science fiction show, something most telly people would tell us doesn't happen but there it is in print (or pixels, at least) so perhaps, and forgive me a little daydream here, we might see a few more science fiction programmes and even some home grown material in the future...? No, i can't see it actually coming to pass but it's still a nice dream.

 .:[ Eeek! ]:.Posted: 16:42 on Friday, 03 June 2005 
State: excited  Music: none 

Oh heck... further to my previous mutterings about the whole bad wolf running theme i've just noticed that the TARDIS on the current Flash presentation not only has the words "bad wolf" appear when the pointer is over it, but it's a link out to badwolf.org.uk which has the tagline "Turns out... you don't know everything"! How fabby is that?!

 .:[ Eek 2 - The Revenge! ]:.Posted: 14:05 on Saturday, 25 June 2005 
State: busy  Music: Secret Garden 

Oh crap! Okay, so due to circumstances beyond my control all hell broke loose whilst we were on holiday and Voidrunner ended up disconnected from the 'net for five days and then i couldn't get the forwarding for the Workstation or the main Cosine site re-routed until today... but i'm back, (ab)normal services have been resumed and i'll get me arse into gear writing up the holiday in detail, processing the pictures taken and generally catching up in the next couple of days.

Why the delay? Well, my main PC (Ikaruga) is presently sat on it's side in the front room, having just had a new mainboard and Athlon 800 plonked inside it. As i type, it's shipping about thirty gigs of data from the old hard drives to the new 40Gb units i'm about to install. So, back to that particular grindstone for now...

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