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"I'm leaving because the weather is too good. I hate London when it's not raining."

Groucho Marx 
 .:[ Another day, another dollar? ]:.Posted: 22:46 on Tuesday, 10 May 2005 
State: normal  Music: Tetris 

Well, finally got around to adding May's web log to the site... i've been a bit tied up lately, trying to sort various things out and probably attempting to do far too many things at the same time. So for the rest of the month i'm planning to do nothing at all and i suspect nobody'll notice the difference!

We've got a fun new toy coming soon in the form of a Playstation dance mat - i wonder if Dancing Stage Party Edition is really a good form of exercise, there seem to be workout modes in there so perhaps it is...? Can't help thinking it's a very solitary way to exercise though, i'm not massively keen on looking a total wazzock whilst trying not to go base over apex to "Dynamite Rave"!

Oh, and since i haven't added anything about Doctor Who a quick comment... Dalek was absolutely superb, a high point in the new series for me personally and several people i chat to admitted to shedding a tear or two at the end, whilst Long Game was very neatly executed and Simon Pegg has to be mentioned because he's too damned good not to be!

 .:[ Busy bunny... ]:.Posted: 20:53 on Wednesday, 25 May 2005 
State: busy(!)  Music: Deepstar 

PictureOop,s s'been another long delay between entries... first off, the ol' workstation has gone through some changes - no not the site, my physical "work space" has been rebuilt and looks several degrees more tidy than it used to. Granted, that's not a hard thing to achieve considering the wasteland that used to be here, but it's still quite a dramatic change and, if all goes well, the C64 will be moving to it's own little alcove and my (t)rusty A1200 '030 might have a permenant home on the desk in it's place.

Okay, time to put me Jonathan Woss hat on and talk about the films i've seen in the last week - which i'm sure you've been dying to hear about...? =-) First off it was Star Wars Episode 3, Ewan MacGregor still managed to impress me by slowly turning into Alec Guinness, Samuel L. Jackson was his usual classy self and the cast overall was good but the story... well, it irked me a bit. i didn't see any of the hype, didn't read leaked scripts, avoided all the "hints" and speculation but i still knew the plot. i think there was only one surprise for me in there, which is a tad worrying in nearly two and a half hours of film! It's not that i didn't enjoy Ep 3, just that i went in with a good idea where point A and B were from the surrounding stories and i wasn't surprised more than me once during that journey. A shame, but not a major one...

On a different note, The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy was a surprise to me; since i'm a bit of a fan, i was sat in the cinema reciting along to the set pieces and enjoying that loads (although i'm not so sure my fellow patrons were as keen!) but the plot managed to twist, do things i wasn't expecting and generally entertain me. Which is ironic considering what i've said about Ep. 3! And it's got the God that is Bill Nighy in there, how could i not like?!

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