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Jeremy Clarkson 
 .:[ Knew i forgot something! ]:.Posted: 11:00 on Saturday, 05 March 2005 
State: awake...?  Music: X-Out 

Oops, it's been about a week since my last meandering, is this the first sign of [shock, horror!] abandonment of the log? Nah... but, in a slightly perverse twist of fate, i've not updated because i've been too busy to actually come up with something to write! During a spot of random Googling i found a fabby picture on the web last night that i really want on a t-shirt at some point; Hello Kitty dressed as a nun that was captioned as "Sister Hello Sissy"...

It's pretty much just me, Matty and the dog in the house for the next couple of days, so it'll be fairly quiet i expect - although the next couple of weekends promise to be pretty interesting; off to Manchester next Friday for some pea soup with a small group of people who share an interest in breadbin-shaped computers... well, i think they said "pea soup"? i'll add to me web log if i find an open connection during the weekend and i don't have to worry about propping people up or anything.

The weekend after i'm off to Garforth to the Commodore Scene do for a bit of self promotion and, fingers crossed, a chance to play Metal Dust on a SuperCPU-equipped C64 - which should prove interesting, because up until now i've just read what other people, specifically software starved SCPU owners, have said about the game and i'm a shoot 'em up player rather than a hardware advocate...

So, busy bunny at the moment and, with all the running about i've done lately, i've not had time to add to the web log. See? Told you it wasn't being abandoned!

 .:[ i'm going out now... ]:.Posted: 22:25 on Thursday, 10 March 2005 
State: tired  Music: none 

Okay, so i'm off to Manchester for a get-together tomorrow with some like-minded (or in other words, slightly less than sane) friends from the intermaweb thingy (and one who knows me from when he crashed on my parents' sofa in the 1980s) so abnormal services will resume on Sunday at some point... in theory, at least!

 .:[ Manchester on no cash! ]:.Posted: 16:29 on Monday, 14 March 2005 
State: wrecked!  Music: Rubicon 

Yay! Manchester was loads of fun and the photos i took have already been patched into the gallery for viewing. Public thanks to Dan for arranging the do in the first place and all the fabby people who turned up, talked, drank, played video games (badly, the only useful data i got from them playtesting my new code was that it's hard if you've had several drinks beforehand), listened to assorted remixes and occasionally SIDs, recorded a couple of remixes, talked even more and generally made the whole thing a weekend-long laugh! It was like BIT Live, but with less people so we could get to know each other a bit easier... =-) In the immortal words of Laa-Laa the Teletubby, "again, againy gain!"

 .:[ More outings... ]:.Posted: 14:23 on Wednesday, 23 March 2005 
State: average  Music: Uridium 2 

So i was out again last weekend, over at Allan Bairstow's place for the Commodore Scene get-together, which was a giggle and a chance to show off a few odds and sods; Reaxion Plus/4 is now so close to complete it's painful plus it works on real 264 hardware in it's current state, so it's been passed on for final beta tests. One surprise was one of my oldest projects, i ran a preview of Rob The Blob and, much to my surprise, everybody liked it! Might have to consider resurrecting the project at some point...

i've also had an email from Robin Levy, giving me the okay to purloin graphics from the Deadlock previews to use with the sprite anims he drew for me, so Armour Storm will soon be moving even if i didn't actually write any code so far this week...

Speaking of writing code, i've got to move my desk around a little; i've been lent a SuperCPU by Allan (with a bit of arm twisting from him and Shaun Bebbington) so i need to reorganise my PC and C64 setups to make a bit more room; it's a rather chunky unit and doesn't sit under the control centre over the C64 so i need something larger! i haven't really come up with anything i want to try coding either, although my initial idea of a vertically scrolling shoot-em-up seems to be the one other people liked the sound of and a reasonably comfortable first project for me on what is essentially new kit, so i just need to prod around a bit and see what this thing can and can't do with it's DMA and the fast RAM...

 .:[ Nwang, nwang... ]:.Posted: 22:12 on Saturday, 26 March 2005 
State: well happy!  Music: none 

Yup, watched the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who today and was much happy with what i saw. =-) Christopher Eccleston is fantastic as the Doctor, Billie Piper was far better than i'd expected as Rose and, since it's essentially a regeneration story, the show came out of it rather well (they're normally far weaker). It's also great to see the show hasn't lost it's sense of humour, with little throw away lines and the Doctor's almost unnaturally cheerful moments balancing neatly against the serious moments.

i think my favourite moment (barring the excitement of hearing the BBC announcer say the name and watching the TARDIS barrel through the vortex - with a little bullet time for good measure!) has to be the speech the Doctor gives Rose about who he is; it's not an essential part of the adventure, but there's just so much conviction from both the actors in that scene that it sticks in the mind... failing that, the scene with Rose pointing out the London Eye as a possible Nestene transmitter and the Doctor's "fantastic!" reaction. =-)

i'm looking forward to seeing the world end next week now, as well as Simon Pegg's impending appearance in the show.

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