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"There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes."

The Doctor 
 .:[ A new dawn... ]:.Posted: 01:27 on Saturday, 01 May 2004 
State: average  Music: none 

...a new month and a new bloody IP number. The broadband went down so the Boss and i headed on out to McDonalds with one of the kids rather than sit and stare at the hub and wait for things to start working again... Bit sad when we both do that, really... =-)

 .:[ Did i forget something...? ]:.Posted: 17:26 on Thursday, 06 May 2004 
State: confused  Music: Extreme Ways 

Whoops! Been a little lax with the updates of late, partly due to a bad shoulder i managed to cultivate without even trying but mostly due to the final final preparations for rolling out Oldschool Gaming. Yeah, after all that it's actually officially open for business and, fingers crossed, has been generating quite a bit of traffic in it's first hour of proper activity. i just hope Gridrunner's up to the extra loads...! She should be, there's a fair bit of traffic already going through her so i'm reasonably confident that, even with the traffic for the database, it'll tick over okay... [Crosses fingers, looks nervous]

Anyway, off out in a bit; s'club night (woohoo! =-) and we're off to see Shaun of the Dead beforehand so i need to get ready to go. =-)

 .:[ Odds and sods... ]:.Posted: 00:21 on Sunday, 09 May 2004 
State: happy bunny!  Music: Thorn In My Side 

Woo! First up, Shaun of the Dead was cool, a little slow to start with but the story got up to a good pace after that and the cast were great, especially Simon Pegg in some of the more dramatic scenes. The Boss didn't particularly enjoy it (although she didn't dislike it) but i loved and want the DVD now please? =-)

The club night was loads of fun too, s'a shame we can't make next month but we're off on our holidays... i wonder if there's a cyber cafe at Butlins so i can update this lot...? =-)

In other news (ahem... =-) i've stabilised the web server a bit by moving the IRC bot software off it to another box on the LAN (having fought it a little during the day to make it work). Got a Shoutcast service running off the same machine for the LAN as well, so it's doing double duty...

Despite the server outages, both OSG, this site and the two others hosted on our box have been getting a reasonable amount of traffic; Abyss X1 seems to be coping with it all pretty well though, fingers crossed not a single crash since the bot moved out!

 .:[ Another piccy! ]:.Posted: 20:45 on Wednesday, 12 May 2004 
State: happy!  Music: Z-Out 

PictureYay! The test master of Reaxion turned up today and, despite a bit of a mauling from our dog Cassie (half rottweiller, half alsatian, all paper shredder on legs!) it looks fabby! The cover art came out much better than i expected, so i'm well chuffed! My ego is much happy today because of this, plus i've had a few days working on PC hardware that have all gone swimmingly (by some minor miracle) so all in all i'm a much happy bunny!

The only down side is the little outing planned tomorrow isn't on now... ho-hum, can't have everything i s'pose. Leaves me at a bit of a loose end, so i might sit down and work on some code - tried to today, but i was in an "odd" mood earlier and couldn't get my head around it and ended up playing Double Dash!! instead! =-)

 .:[ Up 'n' Down ]:.Posted: 14:44 on Saturday, 15 May 2004 
State: mixed  Music: Garfield 

Bit of a mixed mood right now... just went to see The Cat In The Hat and, despite mixed feelings beforehand, enjoyed it quite a bit. Mike Myers puts in a sterling performance, as does Alec Baldwin (who seems to be making a niche for himself in kids films now!) as a belching, slobby suitor for the kids' mother. From what i remember, it remains fairly faithful to the original with some dialogue updates so that it doesn't lose the younger audience... and a few nice gags for the grown ups too. =-)

i'm not a follower of E3 news, but it seems that the Metal Gear Solid 3 one level demo that Sony were showing was lifted; "The LAPD [...] are looking for two 19-20 year old males. The code snatchers were able to gain access to the PS2 demoing Snake's hotly anticipated jungle rumble by cracking the perspex case on one of the pods on the Sony stand." Well, it seems that the old ways are the "best"... wait for MGS3 on a file sharing service near you soon! =-)

On a slightly sour note, our six year old was messing around with the Gamecube and got into the options; he managed to remove all the Super Mario Sunshine and Mario Kart - Double Dash!! saves... doubt i'll rebuild the former.

 .:[ Time for a change of style... ]:.Posted: 16:25 on Sunday, 16 May 2004 
State: covered in paint  Music: X-Out 

i've been meaning to have a refit for a while now, for some reason today became "lets redesign the Workstation" day...! This new look seems quite easy on the eyes so far, certainly it's a lot lighter than the previous installments and, since i'm doing more housekeeping these days than previously, that's a plus for me! i've added a few new features as well and the framework is there to put more stuff in as required.

i spent a few hours last night unlocking MKDD!! - just got to get mirror mode open again and then beat it. Oh by the way, bonus points to anyone who recognises the gaming quote in the header but i somehow doubt that anyone will... =-)

 .:[ Burp! ]:.Posted: 15:34 on Thursday, 20 May 2004 
State: contented  Music: Dancing All Alone 

Today is the Boss's birthday. Despite my previous track record with events like this, i actually remembered without too much prompting and arranged cards and a prezzie (Lord of the Rings - Two Towers two DVD since she's a major fan) and we went for a bit of a meal at the Oriental buffet in Leeds... okay, not exactly a candle-lit dinner for two but we like the food and are both fairly skint as usual...!

One little financial outlay i'm going to have to make is 25 for Ikaruga on the Gamecube. Although it's not a massive seller like a lot of the titles, it's notoriously rare second hand and i don't want to miss the boat totally like i did with a few PS1 titles... The guy who served us in Gamestation was great, not only was he a fan of gaming in general but he knew Ikaruga and indeed Radiant Silvergun... a rare thing in a games store these days, a shoot-em-up player! Some of my faith in games players is restored... =-)

 .:[ More cinematics ]:.Posted: 00:41 on Saturday, 22 May 2004 
State: tired  Music: none 

Went to see Van Helsing today; without putting spoilers in, it's a lot of fun and, as long as you don't want to see a slavish sticking to the original stories of most of the characters involved, it's enjoyable stuff and there are a few interesting twists. It's not deep, doesn't even go to the sort of lengths that LXG did for character depth but tells it's story with all the whizzes and bangs expected from the man behind The Mummy.

Other entertainment has come from GPF Comics - what starts off feeling quite similar to User Friendly rapidly mutates and takes on a fevered life of it's own as sys admins become secret agents, marketing people try taking over the world and slime molds become sentient and do phone tech support... i've spent the last couple of days reading through it and it's addictive, especially when the more complex plots start up!

 .:[ Cheap DVDs ]:.Posted: 01:58 on Sunday, 23 May 2004 
State: befuddled  Music: Shadow Skimmer 

Today i watched Act Of Piracy starring Gary Busey and nobody else worth mentioning and it was rank, albeit quite enjoyable. i have three more films to watch, all promising to be total bilge and only "boasting" Joe Lara as someone i've heard of in 'em. Why do i buy the four-for-5 DVDs i see in cheap bookshops and is it a form of masochism?!

 .:[ Late night code ]:.Posted: 01:18 on Tuesday, 25 May 2004 
State: tired  Music: none 

i've just added a new screenshot from the latest build of Lattice to it's project page; the "worker" units now lay more noticeable trails, they also follow pre-recorded motion sequences pretty much correctly, there's a structure coming together for level data and there's a static starfield partly working behind the foreground graphics to give a bit of depth. The core is starting to suffer from overrun (where too much tries to happen within one frame) so the worker jobs might need splitting out to save a little CPU time here and there...

So far, so good; the game as a whole is actually coming together roughly the way i had it planned in my head! i've also kept an earlier version so that i can possibly knock a second project out based on Babylon 4 and Z...

 .:[ Tinkering again... ]:.Posted: 18:04 on Tuesday, 25 May 2004 
State: happy  Music: SIDStyler 

Added a few odds and sods to this site today; a new section with a couple of my rendered images in and a randomly selected photo of me (well, most of the time!) on the about page. i'd say "enjoy" but that might not be the right word...? Ooh, nearly forgot; went to the kids' school fair today and got a plush Mario doll - now i can stage fights between him and Sonic!

 .:[ Nothing doing ]:.Posted: 19:50 on Friday, 28 May 2004 
State: wrecked  Music: All Through The Night 

We had loads of fun yesterday evening, first off we went to a parents evening and got mixed news which was sort of positive but a certain young lady needs to pull her socks up... so to speak. On the way back, we heard that our youngest had cut his hand open whilst out playing and was being taken to Jimmy's, so we all piled down there in assorted states of panic... he's okay and home, thankfully, but it was a very nasty cut and did need the medical attention.

Speaking of the little horrors, i've just got the kids this weekend since the Boss has gone to help a friend out with a stall at a specialist market. i always feel a little lonely when she's not about (despite not being alone), something i've not really got used to despite being a loner most of my life... i know people are social animals but i've only really been one for a few years now and it's still a little confusing.

So... what plans for the next few days (he says, making a note to himself more than anything =-)

Sunday morning i have to take Matty to have his hand checked out at Jimmy's A and E but apart from that i've bugger all planned and might even get some bloody code written! On Monday, we're all off to see the new Harry Potter, the tickets are all booked (and have been for a week now) and we're all looking forward to it - so we just get to trundle up, park ourselves in our "regular" seats and munch popcorn or, in my case, nachos... =-)

 .:[ Qu'est que c'est ]:.Posted: 12:02 on Saturday, 29 May 2004 
State: well pleased  Music: Secret Garden 

Nothing much happening today as such, but i got an email yesterday from Simon at Cronosoft; not only is he wanting to put out Cyberwing, but the tape release of Reaxion is getting a feature review in the June issue of Retro Gamer! Happy bunny or what?! If this carries on, i might start believing that i have a clue what i'm doing!

Oh, nearly forgot; todays title is a reference to the "competition" earlier this month, the quote was a reference to the CDTV "classic" Psycho Killer. Well, i said i didn't expect people to get it! =-)

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