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"Love is a device invented by bank managers to make us overdrawn."

Arnold J. Rimmer 
 .:[ Welcome to my nightcap ]:.Posted: 00:51 on Thursday, 25 March 2004 
State: asleep  Music: Hyperion 2 

Well here it is. i've been toying with setting up a weblog as a part of this site for a while now and i've even tried it once on a stand-alone site with no success whatsoever... Hopefully this attempt will be a little more fruitful [crosses fingers] and i might even remember to add things from time to time!

Then again, it may go the way of millions of other weblogs; boundless enthusiasm for the first few days or even weeks and then the tumbleweeds roll through the data files and Clint Eastwood challenges someone to a final shoot-out before the end credits... It's a shame when that happens sometimes, although i've read enough of these things to know that it's difficult to write anything even vaguely interesting for days on end unless you're the now infamous Belle de Jour! i'm certainly not that prolific and i suspect she has better legs than me anyway, so i'll just plod along and do this my way... whatever that is.

 .:[ Silent night, holy sh*t! ]:.Posted: 23:42 on Thursday, 25 March 2004 
State: undecided  Music: B4U 

It's been a pretty uneventful day all round - we were supposed to be getting new cases for my box and Sue's new one (i was going to start the transplant surgery on mine since the parts for the other aren't here yet) but the shop appear to have arsed up and nothing's arrived yet. We're not best pleased it has to be said, the mods to one of them weren't exactly cheap...

The afternoon and some of the evening was spent wallpapering one of the kids' rooms, at least the Boss did the actual papering and i stood there like a lemon and handed brushes, scrapers or whatever like the sidekick at a major operation...! i like to think i'm aware of my shortcomings (a total inability to do stuff like cook or hang paper for example) but it doesn't stop me feeling a little lame...

On the plus side for the ol' ego, the reception for Shattered was far better than i'd expected; at least, nobody has ripped it to shreds so far... i expected 4-Mat's Bah! Bah! to get a good reception and it did but i coded Shattered in under half a day and didn't have time to include effects. Still, considering how it's been received a follow up with more pictures and some actual code in there is always possible! =-)

Whilst i'm thinking about code, i've been tinkering with the weblog's control scripts and added a little support for BBCode at least as far as highlighting goes; i have my own variation for links that gets translated into a hyperlink. It's a little fiddly, but will suffice until i can be bothered to write a proper decoder...

 .:[ Random thoughts ]:.Posted: 02:37 on Saturday, 27 March 2004 
State: dizzy  Music: Let's Go! 

Just a few small random thoughts that have been banging around my head after a thread on Lemon brought up the possibility of using an emulator to run at multiples of the stock C64's clock speed; maybe i'll try coding a demo that has to be run at 400% speed on CCS64. One thing that did strike me was that i'd have to limit the music to playing once every fourth frame (with the buffer shunt) and re-tune the ADSR settings for sounds to make it all balance...

Still no sign of the cases, apparently the purple stain being used on the custom one ended up on the window so it looked crap. Got the board, chip and RAM today and there's a 120Gb drive on top of my monitor ready to go in. That's given me an unexpected weekend off!

Two dates in the diary; Scooby Doo 2 later today (preview showing) and next Thursday is club night...! =-)

 .:[ Rooby Dooby Doo!! ]:.Posted: 01:05 on Sunday, 28 March 2004 
State: happy  Music: Don't Let Me Get Me 

As i said yesterday, we went to see an early preview of Scooby Doo 2 and, since we loved the original it seemed like a good idea to take the kids along. Yup, it was too, a nice variation on the themes from the series and more expansion on the characters. And i still fancy Velma more than Daphne, especially when she has the red catsuit on [dribble!]

There was a little "parting shot" too, after the credits Scooby appears playing his own game on a GBA and reveals a "secret" code. Not as good as what happened after the credits for Loony Toons - Back In Action (another film we loved and i'd happily recommend) but a nice touch anyway.

The Beeb ran a "best sitcom" competition that culminated in a live final this evening and i was surprised to see the phone in vote remove Open All Hours and Porridge from the running before the top five and Fawlty Towers from the top three! Okay, Only Fools... winning was almost a cert, but i expected Basil or Fletcher to get second or third place and not Vicar of Dibley. It was... umm, interesting seeing Carol Vorderman in those rather sexy shoes and kneeling down at one point...! [more dribbling...]

 .:[ Driving urges ]:.Posted: 23:49 on Sunday, 28 March 2004 
State: tired  Music: Kiss, Kiss 

We've been playing quite a bit of Mario Kart Double Dash!! around Chez Roundabout for the last week or so since we got a Gamecube; it's a bloody class game, either in race or battle mode, and playing for a period of time is rewarded with more cars and new tracks to unlock.

And i adore Princess Peach's dress! =-)

 .:[ Not much happening... ]:.Posted: 23:45 on Monday, 29 March 2004 
State: mildly annoyed  Music: Super Aleste 

The company we ordered the cases off are in deep poo with us now; still no bloody sign of 'em and not even an apologetic phone call despite being promised that they'd be here "no later than Monday" and that was already four days late! Not even vaguely pleased 'cos we have a pile of parts sitting around downstairs and a 120Gb hard disk all waiting on one of the poxy things and i've got to strip and re-mount my work machine into the other. Which isn't a job i'm keen on at the best of times!

And now i've got a day free tomorrow that was put aside for the more important of these two boxes and no sodding case to work on, so i might end up re-hacking the links page so it works like the ones on our intranet (there are a few dead pages need sorting as well...) or i might even write some code...

 .:[ Couldn't sleep! ]:.Posted: 00:55 on Tuesday, 30 March 2004 
State: undecided  Music: none 

Since i'm naturally an insomniac, i've not managed to get to sleep so the re-write for the links page has just been sorted... Gawd knows what i'll do for that spare day now!

 .:[ One case sorted...! ]:.Posted: 14:53 on Wednesday, 31 March 2004 
State: happy  Music: Stay Tonight 

Picture Whee! A new feature for the web log processor and a nice new case for my work machine Ikaruga. Yup, that's it to the left, balancing on top of Chronos and Zero Wing whilst i was remounting the P3 450's innards into it. The cream coloured drives are a temporary addition, DVDROM, CD-RW and a floppy drive with black front plates are going to be added fairly soon but i wanted to get the work out of the way 'cos i hate moving machines. =-)

The purple case also arrived, but the finish on top and one of the side panels was terrible and we took it back to get a replacement. It cost a fair bit of dosh, so we want it to be at least decent... Shame really, the colour is perfect and the window looks good too.

The new web log feature is the image inclusion system, it uses BBCode and presently assumes local images (and specifies local paths for me) but it could be re-jigged to handle externals if i want it to easily enough. i'm constantly surprised by how flexible and (at least to a degree) how easy PHP is as a language, i'm not normally one for picking up high level stuff without a fight but it seems to be coming fairly naturally. Of course... i haven't started to play with databases yet!

Tomorrow is club night... been looking forward to this lots for the last week. =-)

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