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"Blessed are the young for they shall inherit the National Debt."

Herbert Hoover 
 .:[ Oh for goodness sake! ]:.Posted: 23:42 on Wednesday, 19 December 2007 
State: miffed  Music: a film 

Okay, so i had some Shredded Wheat earlier and, when i went to open the packet, it felt "wrong"... the reason for that is they're now packaging the things in twos rather than threes. The reasoning for this is that two Shredded Wheat are apparently 100% of the daily recommended dosage of whole grain. Since when does whole grain have a recommended dosage?

More importantly, i'm sure that a lot of people, like myself, remember the old "bet you can't eat three" advertising campaign and, as a result of that challenge, consistently eat three Shredded Wheat in order to prove themselves in some obscure way. Which means that the Nestle, makers of Shredded Wheat, have deliberately encouraged me to overdose on whole grain! i'm not sure what that implies but i want questions to be asked in parliament about it...

...mainly because it'll be bloody funny!

 .:[ Oh i wish it could be... ]:.Posted: 20:22 on Monday, 31 December 2007 
State: tired  Music: BBC News 24 

Well, the year is nearly over with and i still haven't got around to rewriting this bloody web log to avoid having to do loads of manual transactions at the start of a new month... if i made new year resolutions (apart from 160x200 and cue the canned laughter) i'd possibly make one to sort it out. But i don't, so i won't. Anyway, seasoned greetings if anyone's bothering to read this waffle and i'll be right back after this short(ish) break...

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