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George Gobel 
Warflame cassette inlay


Rendering: T.M.R
Tools: Imagine and Photoshop

The Cronosoft rendering continues with this piece knocked up for the release of a slightly remixed version of one of my older scrolling shoot 'em ups, Warflame for the C64. This was quite quick, the main image took just an evening to construct the scene from the previously built ship object (although it was quite heavily tweaked too in order to add the flaps on the wings and a few other details) and another evening to produce the logo and render it up.

There's actually a previous version of this artwork which might still exist on an external SCSI hard disk somewhere (or possibly even an Amiga-formatted Zip disk) that was produced for a previous, aborted attempt at publishing this game. The would-be publisher being my then employer when i was working at Computerworld, although the numbers for producing and releasing a C64 budget game were simply too high for small runs...

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