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James May 
Type 40 TT capsule
Type 40 TT Capsule


Rendering: T.M.R
Tools: Imagine

This copy of the Doctor's trusty type 40 TT capsule (and, of course, a 1963 Metropolitan police box due to a jammed chameleon circuit) was put together on my Amiga 1200 '030 in Imagine 3 along with a couple of other objects over a week in 1997 for a fan video project that didn't come together for reasons i forget at the moment... anyway, since then it's been partially rebuilt a couple of times and this is now the third generation of the model. Hopefully it's going to be used at least once for the info screen on the forthcoming TARDIS Cruncher for Windows.

Despite the other rendering projects done since, i'm pretty sure that the TARDIS still stands as the most complex object i've ever built in Imagine since it has more faces and more detail than any single object i've done to date and, despite having built more complex overall scenes since it was put together, it's still one of my favourites from my own work.

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