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Clive James 
Sub Hunter
Sub Hunter cassette inlay


Rendering: T.M.R
Tools: Imagine and Photoshop

Rendering once more for Cronosoft but for a change it's not my own game i was doing it for; instead, this is for Sub Hunter by Frank Gasking and Richard Bayliss and it was Frank who asked me about doing this piece.

I now feel somewhat pretentious, using the word "piece" like that...

Anyway... the game itself is based on the VIC 20 version of Mastertronic's Sub Hunt and this render is, in turn, loosely based on the cover artwork from the same game. It's almost one of the biggest jobs i've done for these covers in fact, in part because there was a lot more experimentation involved to get that background just the way i wanted it (it's based on a picture of a horizon, heavily mutilated and tinted blue) but mostly due to how the various objects cast shadows and partially reflect other things in the scene meaning that the rendering time was bloody long!

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