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"One report said that since my time on the run I've had 2,500 girlfriends. I mean you got to realize, I've been on the run for more than 30 years, I have got to have had more than that!"

Ronald Biggs 
Shyfter box label mock-up


Rendering: T.M.R
Tools: Imagine and Photoshop

This fun little render was put together over a day or so, it's been matched fairly closely to the classic Atari 2600 box design. If Shyfter should ever get to silicon i'd like it to have a variation of this artwork on the cartridge labels and box, but i can't see that ever happening for such a simple game.

As with the game itself, the artwork is pretty much just an abstract and took about an hour to put together, with a rendering time of four or five hours farmed to a spare Pentium 2 and a couple of hours afterwards adding the Atari styling in Photoshop. It's more of a technical exercise that came out better than expected than a deliberate attempt to produce something. The main inspiration is half a memory of the cover art to Incentive's Confuzion.

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