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Reaxion cassette inlay


Rendering: T.M.R
Tools: Imagine and Photoshop

This is the project that got me interested in playing with Imagine again after a couple of years hiatus; it's the tape inlay artwork for the Cronosoft release of my game Reaxion for the C64 and the forthcoming versions that are nearly complete for the Spectrum, Atari 8-bit and Plus/4.

Since Reaxion has never really had a loading screen, this image was rendered up for the cover artwork and a matching Koalapainter format C64 picture was produced as a loading screen especially for the Cronosoft release. The build time for the two images (the logo and the main picture are two separate scenes) was three days and the overall rendering time was just over a day all told with the job having been farmed out to an idle Pentium 2 machine which was then left to it's own devices.

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