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"Some girl on the street asked if I was saved yet. I told her I saved at the checkpoint a couple minutes back and can reload from there if I die."

Danny B. 
Blok Copy
Blok Copy cassette inlay


Rendering: T.M.R
Tools: Imagine and Photoshop

Blok Copy is the new name for the project formerly known as Shyfter. Since the original rendering was done a few years ago now, i wasn't entirely happy with the look when it came to producing the cassette inlay for the release version of Blok Copy, so i went back to the virtual drawing board and spent a day building a new scene and then experimenting with transparency to see what i could make the cubes do.

The end results are, at least to my mind, far better than the mocked Atari 2600 box artwork and it bloody well should be; the rendering time for so many semi-transparent objects was vast, three hours for a full render of the background alone (and it took a few rough tests before that was launched) and nearly an hour for the multi-lightsourced logo and reflective cube. The green on black format flash is ours (mine and Simon's) since Mastertronic didn't use a black flash or produce PET software to assign it a colour scheme.

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