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"That there may be mental powers that science can't explain...well, I won't argue with that. But I suspect a man with a turn-you-into-a-frog spell would be a little nervous about going up against a man with a simple pump-action shotgun, even if he was allowed first go."

Terry Pratchett 
Myst (C64) ...?


This is a very rough port of one of the first scenes from Myst (this is a legitimate Koalapainter format image, grabbed from an executing program via CCS64 after conversion) and I'm pretty sure it could be done far better just in Koala... but i was really just wondering if the game is actually do-able.

For a start, it'd need a seriously fast IRQ-loading disksystem to avoid lagging up; the example image is about 6.3K Pucrunched but that's with decruncher code so just the data will be a block or two shorter. Animations like the changing of the map room and so forth would either have to be pared down or more likely "written out" of the game completely... At a guess, one age of Myst will be a disk side, possibly two to a side if there are less pictures than I'm remembering and a reasonable first step would be porting the initial island as a navigable environment to see how fast the poor 1541 and Breadbin can ship the data in and decrunch it.

Another thought revolves around chunking all the possible views for a scene into a single file and loading that in one pass - there'll be a longer transfer time for each location (at least the loads won't have individual head seeks) but the display times would be faster and occasional data for the puzzle sub-games could possibly be included in the file as well...?

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