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CYOA Engine
Download: CYOA Engine (C64) (4K zipped D64)


This fairly easy-to-modify piece of BASIC is your gateway to literally minutes of CYOA adventure game-developing fun! Simply load your location data into the arrays at the end of the program, add link options and string your story together like the Choose Your Own Adventure books of old!

Actually, it's just a simple Choose Your Own Adventure engine (based on the kids books of the same name) that was written in BASIC one night whilst bored on IRC. There's no content loaded, so it's ready to go if anyone wants to actually use it for their own game (although i'd be surprised if they did). The included docs go into some detail on how to put data in, customise the "look" of the game a little and how the whole thing works in general. It's a bit shyte to be honest but it does work, manages to be fairly memory efficient into the bargain, allows several options for each location rather than the "traditional" two or three and error checks input in a mere five blocks of BASIC.

Any plans to take this further?
Absolutely not in it's current form no, as with most of the scrapyard it was just written in a few hours to prove a point (in this case to qazi, who was constantly going on about "non-linear text adventures" and producing small CYOA examples that were absolutely hideous on the code front, one set of routines per location) and isn't what i'd consider fully "road worthy" code to be honest. i might rewrite it as machine code and release the source, possibly even with some form of dictionary compression to add to the challenge to myself a little but i have higher priority stuff on the go right now...

If anyone actually produces something with this, email it over so i can have a look!

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