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Co-Axis 2189
An older version of Co-Axis 2189 (C64)

CO-AXIS 2189

Code: T.M.R
Graphics: T.M.R
Music: 4-Mat
Status: 70% complete

The original Co-Axis was my first real C64 game, written in 1988 and "released" in 1989 (its on the Cosine site if you want to see it) and Ax 2189 is not so much a sequel as a re-imagining of that code that uses some of the tricks I've learnt since coding the original.

There are a few new bits and pieces to be added to the game itself and it's totally lacking in titles or completion code or graphics, but the music is done (a combination of remixes and original tunes by Matt Simmonds) and the first three levels designed and working (the first two are even populated with nasties to blast!)

9th April 2001 The source code has all been exported from Zeus to a cross assembler to speed up development, after a couple of hours arguing with the collision routines everything is now working with a two second assembly time!

12th February 2008 This project has been restarted from scratch twice since the last "update", this is pretty much why i tend to keep a little quiet about what i'm working on - half the time i'll say something and then get unbelievably side tracked!

4th July 2008 After another from scratch restart the game is heading along nicely; more information can be found in my development blog along with some more recent screenshots and the odd YouTube video.

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