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"It is difficult to produce a television documentary that is both incisive and probing when every twelve minutes one is interrupted by twelve dancing rabbits singing about toilet paper."

Rod Serling 
Blok Copy
Blok Copy (Atari 2600)


Code: T.M.R
Graphics: T.M.R
Music: N/A
Status: 90% complete

I started this game, under it's original title of Shyfter, as an attempt to learn my way around the Atari 2600 hardware (there's also a box art mock-up in the renders section of the site under that name). Since that's a fairly hefty task in itself, I didn't want to try writing something that was going to be difficult at the same time, so this is a relatively simple little puzzler; the game shuffles the coloured cells at the start of a level and the player just has to restore the columns to their original state, the cursor glows green if the cell is in the correct place, red if not and when they're all done the next level does more shuffles. It started off with pretty rainbow colours, but it was close to impossible to play since every tile had to be in the exact starting position and looked foul when I switched between PAL and NTSC!

This project has migrated to other platforms and this one'll be retrofitted with the improvements made at a later date before it finally gets released - so far, the main delay to putting this version out is finding a way to test the thing on real hardware since it seems to rather effectively stuff the enhanced Supercharger that the beta code was tested on!

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