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Jeremy Clarkson 
Download: Zeppelyn (5K zipped PRG)


Code: T.M.R
Graphics: ported by T.M.R
Music: T.L.F.
Released for: C64CGC 2001

A reasonably close conversion of the Commodore C16 game Zeppelin, with the addition of a decent soundtrack and the lack of colour clash around the sprites!

This is a one to one graphical conversion from the original Plus/4 version of the game Zeppelin and even utilises the same background data, extracted from the code, along with music composed by Chris Lightfoot. The original is simple but strangely compelling, on the C64 it's a pretty lousy product but, since it's a C64CGC entry, that's sort of deliberate... worth a few minutes play for the giggle, though.

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