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"It's good to follow the path of personal happiness to some extent. People tend to get upset however when you drive a steamroller down it."

Simon Travaglia 
Download: Titanic (5K zipped PRG)


Code: T.M.R
Graphics: T.M.R
Music: 4-Mat
Released for: C64CGC 1999

The Titanic is in danger - her captain has bottled out (muttering something about "gizzajob" on his way to the lifeboats) and only one man can guide the vast bulk of the Titanic through the icebergs. You are Leonardo DeCappucinno.

The Titanic is a big boat, erm ship, so you'll need to worry about keeping all of her away from the icebergs as you dodge and weave your way through arctic waters. Can you keep her afloat and save your girlfriend Kate Windscale from getting her hair wet?

This is just a straight-out parody of film licences, even down to having the same ending as the original! Apparently, the entire crew of the Titanic were officially sacked the moment it hit the iceberg, since the ship was no longer afloat they weren't considered to be it's crew by the owners!

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