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Steel Force
Download: Steel Force (13.3K zipped Z80)


Graphics: T.M.R
Released: 20th June 2008

Steel Force is a simple single-level scrolling shoot 'em up for the Spectrum created with the Shoot 'Em Up Designer which was programmed by Jonathan Cauldwell and is distributed on tape or as an emulator image by Cronosoft). It was developed whilst i was getting used to SEUD for the review i wrote for issue 52 of Retro Gamer and released into the wild around the time that issue was released.

To be honest, it's a teeny bit cobbled together; the entire thing was stuck together in the emulator and a Z80 saved, the title picture was drawn in the space of a day before release and the BASIC that does the title page stuff is pretty weak (and i pretty much had to re-learn Sinclair BASIC overnight as well, it's very different to what i remembered!) but generally speaking i'd like to think that it's a reasonable example of what can be done with SEUD, especially considering the short turn-around and lack of sleep getting the title picture ready for inclusion!

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