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SIDBurners 7
Download: SIDBurners 7 (151K zipped D64)


Code: T.M.R and Didi
Graphics: JSL, Cupid, Oxidy and T.M.R
Music: Various
Released: 5th September 2003
Released by: Nostalgia

Once again released under the Nostalgia label and with i think the fastest turn-around we ever managed on a SIDBurners collection, this is a demo music special featuring tunes that were selected by the Nostalgia team and Jeff/Viruz/Cosine.

As with it's forerunners SIDBurners 5 and SIDBurners 6, the music can continue playing whilst the next file is loaded and only needs to stop for decompression. This issue uses Pu239's PuCrunch to get all the files onto a single side of disk.

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