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"My main problem with 'horror' as a genre is that it doesn't really evoke any kind of idea of what the film or book might be about. It could be a ghost story, or something about killer alien creatures on the loose, or knive-wielding maniacs, or Britney Spears acting, or whatever else."

Richard Baker 
SIDBurners 5
Download: SIDBurners 5 (127K zipped D64)


Code: T.M.R and Carlos
Graphics: Zeldin, T.M.R and Dan Dee
Music: Various
Released: 21th August 1999
Released by: Nostalgia

SIDBurners 5 is a music collection coded for Nostalgia and is based loosely on their previous four SIDBurners releases.

The soundtracks are all compressed with TARDIS, Odie's PC based crunching system, and it managed to get two sides of music down onto a single side of disk. The music can keep playing during disk activity, it only needs to be switched off for the decrunching. The diagonal scrolling menu was an idea I'd been wanting to use for a while but never previously had a good place for!

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