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Bertrand Russell 
Rock Paper Scissors Simulator
Download: RPS Simulator (9K zipped PRG)


Code: T.M.R
Graphics: T.M.R
Music: Jeff
Released for: C64CGC 2006

Play this amazingly realistic simulation of the playground game Rock, Paper, Scissors - all on your own with no need to have friends or anything because you're up against the computer - it's absolutely brilliant!

As with the conversion i did of Little Batty for a previous C64 Crap Game Competition, this is taking another little dig at Codemasters of the 1980s; this time it's more about the assorted simulator titles (and the self-appraised "absolutely brilliant" that was usually slapped somewhere on the inlay) and how desperate for new sports to simulate they seemed to be getting by the twentieth or thirtieth release! A few people have asked and yes, the hands within the game are my own fair... erm, hands that were photographed and then converted to the C64. There are, i'm sure, hundreds of dubious jokes that i could do about that but i won't!

Review "For a joke game, RPS Simulator does actually have cool graphics, but other than that it really doesn't have any redeeming features. Or features at all, for that matter."
ALiH, Game Over(View)

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