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Little Batty
Download: Little Batty (7K zipped PRG)


Code: T.M.R
Graphics: Emma Reeves
Music: Odie
Released for: C64CGC 1999

Guide Little Batty around the screens, avoiding the various nasties and collecting the bags of figs! Converted from the classic Spectrum title by Emma Reeves that was released during the CSSCGC, this enhanced C64 version provides all of the magic and playability of the original but with a new, enhanced soundtrack! Brilliant!

Little Batty is a one to one graphical conversion of the Spectrum original by Emma Reeves, apart from losing the colour clash on the sprites. It was written in the style of a Codemasters C64 conversion from the 1980s, where the "formula" was to convert the Speccy graphics over, synchronise the movement to the raster and then bung a Dave Whittaker soundtrack in!

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