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"One of my big fears in life is that I'm gonna die and my parents are going to come to clean out my apartment and find that porno wing I've been adding on to for years."

Bill Hicks 
Demo Factory
Download: Demo Factory (5K zipped PRG)


Code: T.M.R
Graphics: T.M.R
Music: Rob Hubbard
Released: 1987

Demo Factory was written whilst i was still learning to code; i can vaguely remember designing most of it on paper first (something i stopped doing soon afterwards and never do these days) and then sitting down and methodically building it in Zeus 64. The demo itself is a "parody" of the picture and scroll-in-the-border Compunet demos of the time.

As code goes, it's utter bilge to be totally honest; i'd only sort of discovered raster timing at this point and was running the whole thing off runtime code (with the music playing on the interrupt that it originally came supplied with, courtesy of a Rob Hubbard music demo from Compunet) and i had to take the results over to Chris Young's house to crunch it since i was working on a tape-based system at the time. As with other older releases, this was uploaded to Compunet by my friend Philip.

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