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"Life just isn't like the movies is it? We're constantly led to believe in resolution in the re-establishment of the ideal status quo, and it's just not true. Happy endings are a myth. Designed to make us feel better about the fact that life is just a thankless struggle."

Tim Bisley 
Download: Cybersub (6K zipped PRG)


Code: T.M.R
Graphics: T.M.R
Music: Odie

This isn't actually a complete game, just a preview of what later became Warflame. The basic control system, background scrollers and the routines for handling the lightning bolts are in and it's possible to fire but there are no nasties to blast. Collisions will change the border to white whilst they occur and (apart from some occasional rogue collisions) it's possible to make it through the entire level without hitting the background.

There are a couple of points of "interest" in here; the sprites are in memory and there are animations for the ship, bullet, explosion and a few nasties too. These sprites surived quite a way into the game's evolution along with the backgrounds. The other point of interest is the word Atlantis written on the background, although no advances were made the original plan was to make the game a sort of follow up to their fairly dire Periscope Up!. It played nothing like the original!

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